Coffee Types That Will Never Let You Feel Sad

Aditya Malhotra | November 08, 2017 16:46 IST

Coffee was first discovered in the province of kaffa in Ethiopia by a goat herder. He noticed that his goats were acting rather energetic and once he tried the berried himself he felt the same! That's when the bean started rolling. Ever since the bean was discovered coffee has played a major role in society, mysticism, trade and cultivation. However the Baristas today have made it a form of art and coffee is a very serious matter. This is a glimpse of some modern coffee favourites.

1. Cold Brew
As the name suggests, this kind of coffee is made without using hot water. The heat source is eliminated from the entire equation. The coffee is steeped for a much longer time in cold water which draws only the most desirable qualities of the coffee. The wafting smell of a hot cup of coffee is missing but the aromas are locked in the coffee itself!


2. Mushroom Coffee
This concoction is 50% mushroom and 50% coffee Finnish brand Four Sigmatic aims to harness the power of antioxidant and mineral-rich Chaga mushrooms by blending with coffee for a cup that's got a similar coffee taste but with some added magic. This comes in pre-mix sachet.


3. Nitro Coffee
The Guinness of the coffee world, Nitro coffee is a great treat for the hipster in you! Made by infusing Nitrogen into cold brew, it is served on tap like beer and the Nitrogen gives the coffee a creamy head and a velvety texture


4. Turbo G&T
If you're Gin enthusiast, you have a reason to have both the things you love first thing in the morning or past the yard hour if you believe in social norms.10ml of cold brew coffee to a measure of gin, add tonic, then garnish with lemon. Cold brew lacks the acidity of traditional coffee due to the extended steeping process. Cheers!


5. Coffee in a cone
Time to say goodbye to non-recyclable cups, coffee is now served in chocolate lined leak-proof cones. A trend that originally began in South Africa and Instagram took care of the rest! Drink quick because the cones still get soggy.


6. Cascara
Also known as coffee cherry tea and is made using the discarded husk of the coffee cherries. They are dried and once brewed in hot water they make a sweet, fruity drink with much lower caffeine content and a more eco-friendly option. Hints of fruit such as apple and rhubarb add such character to this drink, can even be enjoyed cold.


7. Coffee leaf tea
This isn't what you would usually call a coffee as it doesn't use the bean at all! It's made by brewing the leaves of the coffee tree and is very rich in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine. Also allows the farmers to add to their revenue.




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