Days Of The Weeks As Per Ranveer Singh

Shiralie Chaturvedi | February 07, 2018 16:12 IST

No one can emote quite like Ranveer Singh, and furthermore no one can do it in a relatable way like him. That is why we decided to understand how we feel all week through the simple expressions and movements of an actor who is a magician at his craft!

1. Monday
When you want to be heralded as a superhero just for coming to the office, and now you have work, and all you want is to be carried around by a bevy of colleagues because it is 10 am and you are ready for bed!

2. Tuesday
When every email you receive you get just a little mad, just a little upset, just a little tired. You love your office, but must people type so much when they can just hover on to your seat? Really?

3. Wednesday
When it is midweek and you are just merely hanging by a balance and it is a slippery slope and you are falling and getting up and hoping to not keep losing your focus, your balance, and your enthusiasm!

4. Thursday
When it is just so darn ridiculous that the week is going at a snail's pace and this is a story you go through every week, and it doesn't solve itself, and you want to just go home and rest but you have to stare at space in meetings and on con-calls.

5. Friday
 Because you can't wait to get out of work, you just can't wait to run, hop, skip, skedaddle, it all. Your happiness is in each step you take, and you can't help it but man you are happy to be out!

6. Saturday
The one day you do wake up with a smile on your face. Preferably at noon, preferably just before you go out for a late breakfast, preferably roam the whole day in your pajamas.

7. Sunday
When all you want to do is eat, where it is poha paratha jalebi at home, or mimosas granola waffles at brunch, Sunday for you is food. Your food, your friends' food, your family's food, it is food and you want to eat it!

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