Find Out What Kind Of A Lover Are You?

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 14, 2017 11:53 IST

A romantic relationship is perhaps one of the toughest adjustments one has to go through in their life. Of course it's blissful, and beautiful -but it is also a tonne of work and that often brings out sides in us that we weren't aware even existed. Good or bad, over time we take upon a personality trait that is the base of our relationship with our partner.

So here are the usual type of traits we exhibit as a lover!

1. Comforting
Starting off with what we all should aspire to become, and some are lucky enough to be. It's important to understand the other, above all everything else, and that entails being their team partner through thick and thin. Don't judge them, listen to them, be the ray of sunshine when they are in greys, and love them unconditionally.

2. Non- Demanding

This sounds like a good call but it can go downhill if you bottle up your emotions, anger, and sadness and not articulate how you feel! Yes you don't get easily perturbed or cheesed off, but the moment you realize that you are being taken for granted all hell breaks loose, and that isn't a pretty sight at all!

3. Clingy
You cannot be everything for your partner. They will still need family and friends, they will still need alone time. Stop hanging with them all the time, or thinking about them all the time, or making plans only with them with or without friends. It could get suffocating and they will need some space. And trust us that is a conversation you need to avoid.


4. Competitive
This can start off like a harmless game of who picks the better date venue, who gets the better present, but pretty soon it can go who has a better job, who has more money and eventually boil down to who is a better person. Your relationship will work because you both bring different sets of facets to it -so instead of competing, revel in your differences and be a better team!

5. Selfish
If you put your needs and wants before them constantly, there is a problem. They are your equal not subservient to. Acknowledge that there is no room for superiority in a relationship and that means you deserve no special entitlement or treatment.


6. Possessive
Worst. Thing. Ever. Insecurity is the worst thing that can ever happen in a relationship. The moment you become possessive and not trust your partner you disrespect them, and it's terribly insulting and hurtful. Trust them to love you, to care for you, and accept that you aren't the only priority in their life. Constantly questioning and doubting them can distance you from them, and no one wins in that.

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