Healthy recipes to keep you fit and cool this summer | May 23, 2013 19:41 IST

Is the heat wave preventing you from sweating it out in the gym and upsetting your exercise routine? Some of these ideas might come in handy, to fight the heat and the flab, this summer.

Raitas are our own traditional ways to keep the warmth away, in a drinkable salad. Give the Raita a twist by adding our Beetroot Raita (pictured below) to your daily dose of diet. While beetroot gives you better stamina to toil through your day in the scorching sun, yoghurt makes sure to build the bones up with its calcium - A must for the ladies.

Courgettes are the most humble summer squashes you can find and use for your exotic indulgences in these months. Throw a party with our Vegetable Kebabs to make the best appetisers your guests can get. Make sure to let them know that it is low in calories!

Turmeric is one element the Indians have always used to cure the body. Now found to be potentially useful in cancer treatment, the curcumin element of turmeric is found to aid in burning fat and heal inflammatory skin conditions. Glow with fresh Haldi in a gluten-free Yellow Curry and Nahm Jim Sauce with Steamed Fish for a perfect Sunday brunch.

(pictured above)Whether you are fed up of the veggie advice or just a lover of Chicken - here's a summer twist to the classic white meat where we add juicy mangoes. Trust us with this one and give a boost to your protein, mineral and antioxidant levels.

Fruits are the healthiest and most succulent means to fulfill one's dessert needs in summer. A body with a boosted vitamin level can even deter allergies and mosquitoes. Nikhil and Natasha show us how to make fresh fruit parfait (pictured above) easily at home.

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