Here are 9 Ways To Save Money While Buying Groceries

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | August 03, 2017 15:03 IST

Let the grocery store become your money-saving utopia

Grocery shopping; it's a monthly necessity. With the weekend comes the crowded super markets; mothers running errands with their families. And at the end of the hour long endeavor, she'll wait in a line so long; it'll take the life out of her. Oh but it doesn't end there. The bill brings the real bad news. Sick of this routine? Well, here are a few tips to help you save money while grocery shopping:

1. Divide grocery money meticulously
Divide the grocery money into equal amounts for each week of the month. Try not to exceed this amount while you shop. Hence it is important to list only the essential things that are needed for everyday survival. Squeeze in some guilty pleasures if your budget gives way! Be strict.



2. Don't be afraid to be a cheap-skate
It's grocery-shopping. Being a cheap-skate is what will make you a pro at it. Collect coupons, check out the value deals and buy the value packs- don't hesitate! Look out of sales and splurge when they come along. If it's one of those street markets, don't be afraid to bargain. Nothing can faze you while you try to level the playing field between the taxes you pay and the budget you've set!


3. Plan ahead
Plan what you'll be cooking, and what you'll need to get through the upcoming week. Make a note of how much of these you already have in stock and only buy the amount you need. Deciding this in advance will help you narrow down exactly what you'll need along with the quantity, to comfortably make it through the upcoming week.


4. Shop once a week
Pick a day, preferably during the weekend, and get all the grocery shopping for the following week done on that very day. This will save you time and will prevent you from buying extra items that you may not need. Try not to walk into a grocery store on other days, unless you really need to!


5. Stick to the list
Once you've planned your week and picked a day to shop, make a list of all the things you need. The hardest part is sticking to the list and not getting carried away by the magical world of grocery stores! A shopping list will also help you remember exactly what you have to buy and you won't miss anything out.


6. Shop alone
When you do go grocery shopping, go on your own. If you're the one who's running errands, you're obviously the most responsible one in your family. So try not to make it a family outing because you might end up biting off more than you can chew. Shopping alone will ensure that you stick to the list and save money.


7. Shop on a full stomach
You may be the responsible one but like every human you also have a weak spot, food. In order to avoid buying extra food and processed snacks for munching, go shopping on a full stomach. Schedule your grocery shopping after a meal.


8. Compare
Comparing is an art in the world of grocery shopping. If you do it right, you'll end up saving a lot of money. Compare brands and see which one is cost-efficient as well as of desired quality. Hence, note the cost to quantity ratio. Watch out for offers given by brands. Also compare forms of food. For instance, items in loose will cost you less than canned items. Compare stores to where you can buy more and pay less.


9. Check the shelf life
Be wary of the expiry dates and shelf lives of various products. For instance, if you want to buy bread, ensure that it is merely a day old. This will automatically extend its shelf life and minimize the risk of it getting expired.


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