How To Keep Mental Peace In The Festive Month

Shiralie Chaturvedi | October 04, 2017 17:26 IST

The festival season in India, just like most things celebratory, is tiring to the level of complete and utter exhaustion. It starts with us feeling the heavy burden of revelry and organization, and ends with us being hungover with such extreme calorie intake that we can barely even look at food. Between all this, it is important that we don't lose our cool. We don't lose mental peace, and we for sure don't get so tired that the holiday season is anything but a vacation.

And here's how you can ensure that!

1. Limit Your Party Scenes
Yes. We know we have straight away gone to that one thing which is toughest to tackle, but it must be discussed out aloud. As soon as the month of festivals begin, your social calendar becomes extremely busy and that just unnecessary stresses you out about outfits, leaves, gifts, etc etc. So just limit your parties to the ones that you really want to attend as opposed to ones you should. Festivities are about joy and harmony not obligations and compromises.



2. Have Anti-Oxidants
Well, let's be real there is no escaping the laddoos, the kachoris, the pooris, the butter chicken. But that doesn't mean we can't include some extras in our diet to ensure we don't over greasify our bodies. So have juices, salads, and smoothies to balance it out. The satisfaction you will get from knowing that you aren't just gorging on things that could lead to bodily issues that range from morbid obesity to high cholesterol.


3. Exercise or Just Move Around
This is super important for sustaining your stamina, and your well-being. If you are breathing in some fresh air, and giving your own body some time out it will just board well for you when you go party-hopping. So keep some time aside to yourself and sweat it out. This will refresh you instantly.


4. Garbage In Garbage Out
Just like greasy food, noisy crackers, there is the fun combination of greasy noisy people who will ask you a million questions, give you truckload of unsolicited advice especially about your looks and your love life. Don't stress. Trust us, it isn't worth it. Apply the cool adage of GIGO. If you hear a lot of random musings, let them pass through. If you react, you will only indulge, and if you indulge, you will encourage. So there!


5. Don't Let Your Routine Get Affected
Sure you want to be all hands on deck for the festive season, but that doesn't mean you have to take this literally. The easiest way to not get overwhelmed by anything in life is simply by sticking to your usual routine with minimal external irritability. You won't get stressed out if you don't anticipate too much out a few holidays. So even if everything around you is different, don't let the comfortable constant suffer because of that.



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