How To Use Colours In A Modern Bedroom

Shivanshu Nirupam | November 08, 2017 14:10 IST

The modern design emerged in the late 1800s and isn't new technically as a lot of people would think. Clean lines, geometric shapes and subtle colours are a few characteristics of the modern design. The colours that you choose depend on the goals you have for your personal retreat but we can definitely tell you what to do in order to give your space that modern touch.

1. Contrast
If you want to place bright coloured furniture, use colours like grey and white on the walls so as to give the centre stage to the furniture. Choose fabric that overpowers walls of the bedroom.


2. Balance
For a balanced look, paint one wall, preferably the one behind the headboard in a bold colour and make it the accent wall. The choice of colours should be bold and in lines with the colour of the furniture used.


3. Wood
Wood gives the space a warm and classy look. It has been used in all the design styles, be they classic or modern. You could use wood along with colourful fabric in the headboard and furnishings, or you could even have wooden accent pieces or windows.


4. Lines
Modern design is all about geometry and clean lines. Use detailing in certain things like furniture or a painting to give your bedroom a modern touch.

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5. Lighting
Use as much ceiling lighting as possible, mostly in bright colours. Don't forget to install subtly lights in the corners so that when you need dim lighting in the space to make it cosy, you have the choice.


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