How To Ward Off Common Travel Problems

Anushka Kukreja | September 04, 2017 17:30 IST

We all love travelling. We keep on waiting for vacations to come so that we can finally take a break from our daily routine and explore new places. Travelling can be fun, but with good things pitfall comes along, which can make your pleasant journey turn into a disaster. So here we have a guide how you can save yourself from common travel problems.

1) Sunburn: We love relaxing in a beach under the sun. But too much sun exposure can lead to sunburn. When we are out in sun the UV rays of sun can damage our skin and can lead to red, sour and hot skin.


Avoid going out in sun during its peak hours

 Use a sunscreen with high spf.

 Wear protective clothing and shades when you go out in the sun.

 Regularly reapply your sunscreen, especially after swimming.


2) Mosquito Bite: Are you planning to go out on an adventurous trip like for trekking or campaigning? Then you're more likely to get mosquito bite which can lead to itching, swelling and diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue. We don't want to scare you but prevention is always better than cure.


 Use mosquito repellent.

 Keep your skin covered

 Wear light colored clothes as mosquito tend to get attracted to dark colors.



3) Diarrhea: We all love exploring new places and trying new food, which can also lead to disease like diarrhea. It is the most common travel related disease. Not that serious disease but can surely make your trip unpleasant. So all the food adventurous people you just have to be a bit careful.


 Eat fresh, clean and properly cooked food.

 Wash your hand before eating food.

 Avoid drinking tap water.


4) Muscle Pain: Long travelling can be scary. The uncomfortable seating in plane and trains for long hours and lugging heavy luggage can lead to back pain and neck pain which can ruin all the adventure activities you're planning to do.


Carry a neck and back pillow for support.

 Carry a light suitcase

 Make sure you're sitting or sleeping in right posture.


5) Jet lags: Our bodies have a fixed routine of sleeping and eating and when we fly to a new place we go to disarray. Different time zones can make us fatigue and slow down our trips and meeting.


Get a good amount of sleep before your flight.

If you have to stay drink coffee, go for a walk or take a shower.

 Eat right and do some exercise.



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