'I'm free...free falling'

NDTV Good Times | April 18, 2008 18:29 IST

'I'm free...free falling' The majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and fantastic environment makes Queenstown in New Zealand ideal for the daredevils.

Wisely called, the adventure capital of the world for it's adrenalin stirring and sanity reducing adventures, Queenstown is the one-stop-shop for the bungee-jumping-doughty souls.

When you hit the city go for a dive in the cool waters of Kawarau River. Well, you will need a heart of steel for this one at 43 metres above the striking watercourse, this is not for the faint hearted!
The driving principle here is to tie you from your legs and then throw you down the bridge.

Safety is the key to bungee jumping, jumpers are weighed so that the correct length of the bungee cord can be calculated. The cord is then securely attached to your knees before you are ready to jump.
And it all started when a young man of Vanuatu tribe located in Pentecost Island (better known as "land divers") used to jump from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a test of courage.

But it was AJ Hacket, the man who risked it all, introduced commercial bungee to the world of extreme adventure sports.

Inspired by the tribe's courage, he developed the bungee cord in the 80s and demonstrated its use by throwing himself off the Eiffel Tower. His passion could not be overlooked and his love for the sport inspired countless and continues to do so even now.

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