Life of an Independent Woman: Anushka Sharma Style

Shiralie Chaturvedi | July 17, 2017 18:34 IST

No one does or dons or portrays a girl with wild abandon, whims, and independence as well as Anushka Sharma. She is that archetypal female celebrity who we use as the typical trope for all things feminist. And why shouldn't we? Her choice of movies, her personal life, her clothes, her attitude, all scream towards an empowered girl. So we have dedicated this list to all those women who are at par with men in all possible ways, with a little help from all the characters Anushka has portrayed with aplomb!

1. When you go out with your friends to the hills, and all of you sit in cozy cafes, or by bonfires discussing and dishing existential crises -she is out there rafting, she is out there zip lining, she is out there snowboarding!



2. While all of you indulge in games that are too frivolous, too time consuming and too self-degrading, she is taking a risk and falling in love. She is experiencing a beautiful emotion in its vulnerable state and harnessing it to be something of surmountable strength.


3. There may be a million adjectives out there to describe her, but damsel in distress can never be even close to it. She doesn't need a hero, she doesn't even believe a hero is a knight in shining armour whereas a heroine is always the helpless person. She is her own heroine. She gets herself out of all those pickles singlehandedly.


4. Emotional but not an utter fool, the pendulum of her life doesn't oscillate toward a side but balances her mind and her heart. She doesn't blindly entrust someone, or backs up a cause that is unethical. She knows what's right and what's wrong and how the latter has no involvement of feelings.


5. No you don't need to show off in front of her. Neither of your power nor your influence. She is self-sufficient to realize her dreams. She needs a partner, not a saviour. Her dreams are her own to live out, she doesn't need your hand to hold. Sure she would love a companion but not someone who patronizes her.


6. No room to entertaining to hold her, no feeling too consuming, no adventure left unexplored. She has wild ideas, she has starry ambitions, and she doesn't sit around waiting for them to happen. She goes out, she gets things done.


7. She is beautiful, she is intelligent, she is uninhibited. She isn't scared of the big bad world, she isn't scared of your judgement either. The only validation she needs is from her own self!


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