Luxe Interiors: A Slice of Magnificence

Dayeeta Das | April 22, 2015 16:32 IST

Kings and queens have always fascinated us and at some point of time we have all secretly wished to experience their lifestyle. We bring you close to that experience in the lavish and posh creations of fashion designer Rohit Bal, interior designer Adil Ahmed and architect Rooshad Shroff.

Veda was designed keeping in mind traditional art and crafts.

An amalgamation of traditional arts and craft.

The tables-tops are inspired from Mughal motifs.

Venetian Mirrors adorn the walls.

It's a posh affair when interior designer Adil Ahmed is around and that's exactly how his creations are.

From wallpapers to furniture to accessories, it's all about Adil's Midas touch!

Furniture with gold finish adds to the stately look.

A dining table in glass with gold leafing gives it a palatial feel.

A class apart is architect Rooshad Shroff. He blends modern aesthetics to conventional regal ethos.

He plays with muted colours and quirky elements along with shades of gold.

Understated yet regal are his choice of colours and accessories.

Who's who?
Rohit Bal

One of India's top notch fashion designers, Rohit Bal started his career in 1990. A history graduate from St Stephen's College in New Delhi, Rohit Bal draws inspiration from fantasy and folklore and uses a lot of local crafts in his creations. Apart from India's biggest names from media, films, fashion and the corporate world, his high profile clientele list includes Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford , Naomi Campbell, Anna Kournikova and Pamela Anderson.

Adil Ahmed

He is an interior decorator to royal families and has an inborn taste for all things regal. Adil believes in the use of bright colours inherent to Indian Royalty. Adil Ahmed is known for transforming small spaces into royal interiors with his choice of accessories and techniques.

Rooshad Shroff

Rooshad Shroff is a Mumbai based architect and holds a masters in Architecture from the Graduate Achool of Design in Harvard University. Rooshad worked with internationally acclaimed architects across the world before he started off on his own in Mumbai. His studio has ventured into furniture, product, fashion, publishing and graphic design apart from architecture.

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