Luxe Interiors: Quirky Lamps From Kerala

Kriti Mahajan | April 16, 2015 12:39 IST

Who wouldn't mind a bit of God's own country into their home? And when it comes with a twist, it adds extra sugar, a little spice and everything exotic straight from Kerala into your home decor. Here's a sneak peek into some quirky lamps by designers Sahil & Sarthak in collaboration with Mrs Anjana Somany.

1. Kindi Lamp: For the spiritually inclined, the Kindi lamp is the ideal installation. A kind of a jug typical to Kerala, the Kindi is used for various religious and wellness rituals. The Kindi inspired horizontal pendant lamp recreates the essence of everyday life in Kerala.

2. Copper Market Lamps: Local markets are the primary manifestation of art in the everyday lives of people. The same holds true for the copper markets of Calicut (Kozhikode), the stalactite displays of which have inspired this collection of floor and pendant lamps. A hybrid between a temple top, a vase and an urli stacked together, the pendant lamps symbolize synergy between the religious, ornamental and culinary aspects of Kerala's culture. Perfect for adding that exotic touch to your home.

3. Diya Panel: The diya panel has a metal grid which is typically found on temple walls across Kerala. The soft glow from the diyas against the panel will calm your senses at the end of a busy day, much like the serene of temples of Kerala.

4. Mythological Horse Sculpture: Bring the power and glory of southern royalty into your home with this majestic lamp. It depicts the mythological flying horse on one side and the punch types of a Kerala leather puppet maker on the other side. An investment in this installation is absolutely worth it!

5. Kathakali Paper Lights: These all-paper lights are the designers' interpretation of the male and female costumes of the Kathakali dancers, accompanied by a traditional folded Kerala umbrella. The crushed and treated paper imitates the pleats of the dancers' bloated skirts - a perfect embodiment of the grace that is a hallmark of Kathakali dancers.

6. Theyyum Floor and Pendant Lights: Expand your horizon and incorporate the beauty of the traditional dance form Theyyum into your home. Inspired by the aforementioned, an important feature of these lamps, just like any Theyyum attire, is the handmade fluffy red wool rope. The result is a unique piece of both function and art.

All Images Courtesy: Luxe Interiors Archives

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