7 Decades of Entertaining Superstardom
Shiralie Chaturvedi
What is a leader without followers? What is a superstar without ardent fans? Especially when one is in a country of a billion people, it is obvious that the fandom will reach crazy heights. And who is at the receiving end of this massive phenomenon? Bollywood stars of course...more
Why 2017 Is Still The Year of Gadgets
Riya Sachdeva
We already are in the later half of 2017, and we are already aware of some new gadgets like S8, AirTV, Acer Predator 21X, etc. But the gadget roll call is far from over! The rest of the year is filled with some astonishing gadgets that will lift you up your chairs..more
5 Upcoming Theme Parks That Must Make Your Bucket List
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Youve probably been to many theme parks; be it Disney Land or Kidzania or any carnival where riding a roller-coater passes for a theme park experience. Lets step away from the comfort zone and take a ride across the world to 5 upcoming theme parks that you better enter into your bucket list, ASAP!..more
6 Times A Brisk Walk Was The Healthiest Thing You Could Do
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Walking is the most popular type of exercise in many places but most do it at varying speed: some leisurely and some over-work it. However, a brisk walk of 15 to 16 minutes per mile seems to be the ideal work-out. And if done regularly, it can show some great results...more
11 Young Indian Women Who Continue To Be Absolutely Badass
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Change is constant. And these are the young women in India who are contributing in their own, individual ways, to make the country, and hence the world, a better place...more
7 Decades of Evolving Music
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Bollywood as always understood the depth with which overall music travelled in the country, and thus happened this great evolution decade after decade...more
Checkout these 10 Free iPhone Apps That Pay You For Using Them!
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
If you're one of those people who are obsessed with buying new apps, maybe you'd like to know that there's a way to get your money back, in your spare time of course! Well, let us enlighten you with thee 10 apps that pay you for using them..more
7 Decades of Gawkworthy Fashion Moments
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Whether it was traditional or full of elaboration or whether it was winding but was elegant, the fashion statements that came out of India spanning across seven decades are definitely something to talk about. And we have narrowed it down to the absolute nuanced version of these statements...more
Here are 9 Ways To Save Money While Buying Groceries
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
The bill brings the real bad news. Sick of this routine? Well, here are a few tips to help you save money while grocery shopping:..more
Quit Your Job and Still Make Good Money With These 10 Odd Jobs
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
A human scarecrow is a legit job. You might laugh, but wait till you hear the pay!..more
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