10 Ways In Which Vegetarians Can Make Their Breakfast More Protein Rich
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Here are 10 ways in which vegetarians can make their breakfast more protein rich, for all you breakfast food lovers out there!..more
13 Thoughts Everyone Goes Through While Checking Their Facebook Feed
Udita Jain
We've tried to summarize these 13 thoughts that we all go through while checking out our Facebook feed!..more
The Dance Evolution of Katrina from Just Chill to Kala Chashma
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Here are 13 songs through which one can witness the evolution of her dancing talent:..more
7 Summer Destination Weddings You Would Love To Attend
Riya Sachdeva
It is a dream come true for all the peace seekers where you can plan your trip and enjoy with your family. In the midst of beautiful beaches or among the mountains you can find your true heaven...more
10 Rants Against Those Who Suddenly Love The Hills During Summer
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Love mountains, regardless of the weather? We know how you feel. Exactly how we know how you feel when everyone during the summer season surprisingly becomes a hill lover and then continues to be completely unaware and dismissive about how to really trip it up in the hills. If you feel that, you will feel these rants. So read up and soak in!..more
8 Important Things Every 20 Something Should Know About Make-Up
Bhavya Jha
Be a little more aware and don't let these products cause you any harm. Here's a list of a facts that every make-up user in their 20s must know...more
An Honest Love Letter to Pizza
Shiralie Chaturvedi
For all of you who love pizza like you love a person, or more, read this. This is for you...more
7 Things That Make Weddings A Spectacle More Than A Union
Bhavya Jha
These 7 things have contributed the most to making wedding a spectacle more than a union!..more
8 Things You Shouldn't Do At Weddings
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Here are 8 things that you must avoid doing at weddings, as a guest:..more
7 Ways You Accidentally Body Shame Someone
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are some ways through which you can stop body shaming someone even if you are intentions are completely pure...more
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