7 Foods That Are Actually Harmful To Eat In Monsoon
Sejal Mehra
Before you start enjoying the rains, make sure you know what not to eat. Here is a list of what to avoid and some of these might actually surprise you!..more
Cool And Trending English Slang Phrases You Need To Know

Here's a list of 6 trending English slangs that you can use to make your everyday conversations cooler than ever...more
Foods We Crave As Per Our Mood
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Food is what unifies us all. We all literally have the same cravings, the same wants, the same likes and dislikes and never do they change...more
8 Bollywood Songs That Condoned Sexual Persuasion But Weren't Noticed
Sejal Mehra
From following around to groping, from sexual innuendos to clicking pictures without consent, Bollywood has it all and these are just examples of 8 such songs!..more
Bag Essentials To Go For To Make The Most Out Of Your Travels
Sejal Mehra
Travelling is something everyone loves. But the tedious part of it is managing the luggage. Which kind of bag is suitable for which vacation can be a difficult decision. Here is a guide to all your qualms and difficulties regarding travelling choices!..more
11 Highlights Of June 2017 That You Need To Get With
Udita Jain
Is it just us of does every month seems to come as a bigger shock than the previous one? While the world can't get over the photos of the Beyonce twins and iphone celebrates its 10th anniversary, we give you quick highlights from June 2017; the month that was!..more
13 Times Bollywood Movies Did The Unthinkable
Shiralie Chaturvedi
there are few of these wonderful cinematic gems who have pushed boundaries and really carved a niche for themselves; movies that are successful, that are completely commercial replete with superstars, and yet so compassionate and sensible!..more
7 Bollywood Movie Endings That Left Us Really Angry
Bhavya Jha
Movies are meant to evoke emotions. We sometimes feel satisfied and happy watching a movie and are left infuriated by a few...more
8 Unconventional Chocolate Flavours Everyone Must Try
Sejal Mehra
Chocolate is something everyone loves. But isn't plain chocolate getting a little too much? Maybe you should try these unusual and unconventional chocolate flavours from around the world and give a twist to the plain old chocolate!..more
Easy Magic Tricks You Need To Learn To Break The Ice At Any Party
Anushka Kukreja
Here are a few amazing and easy magical tricks that will help you through the hard business of breaking the ice with at a party...more
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