Quirky Wedding Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Ishani Palandurkar | March 01, 2016 14:28 IST

We know that Big Fat Indian Weddings have become way too mainstream. For those who wish to start their married life with loads of adventures and thrill, NDTV Good Times brings you seven crazy places you can get married by. Time for some adrenaline rush!

1. Marry on Roller Coaster: This one is for couples who aren't afraid of insane rush at heights. Las Vegas is quite the famous destination for such weddings. Talk your way through the amusement park officials, and embark upon wedding revelry atop a crazy winding roller-coaster.

2. Underwater Wedding: Who knew that underwater weddings would become such a hype?! Nothing makes it more exciting or serene than getting married around absolutely exquisite aquatic life. If you want to seriously go ahead with this unique idea, go ahead and have it arranged with authorities who deal with water sports. You will not regret it.

3. Hot Air Balloon: How about exchanging your rings among the clouds? Albuquerque in New Mexico has become a perfect spot for such weddings. Many couples have had their dream come true here, especially thanks to the International Balloon Fiesta. What are you and your beloved waiting for?

4. Glacier Wedding: Okay for this wedding, you may have to forego wearing an ideal dress, unless that includes one too many Eskimo suits piled up on one another. Come on, imagine getting married on a snowy mass full of well, snow. Many agencies in Alaska offer wedding arrangements on giant glaciers in the country. With temperatures in negative, cold winds across your face, this will make for a perfectly adventurous wedding.

5. Wedding next to a Volcano: How about some hot, blistering hot mountains now? We kid, maybe. How can one pass on the opportunity to get married by Volcanoes? Adventure addicts around the globe have left no stone unturned and even commemorated their love by active volcanoes. Book your tickets to places like Hawaii and Vanuatu to have those smoky volcanoes, just don't wear white lest you get stains!

6. Paragliding Wedding: Paragliding is our favourite as this adventure sport makes a wonderful and unique wedding style. The couple can get married during the flight and have a lasting memory of their love. This style of wedding can easily be arranged with the help of adventure sports officials across many countries, including India.

7. Wedding on a Raft: Remember water rafting with your best buddies by the Ganges? Well, you can now get married on one! Get your fiance and 5-6 closest people to you on board for this fun ride. To avoid any untowardness, choose a calmer river for the purpose, and enjoy lush waters as your private wedding decor.

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