Quit Your Job and Still Make Good Money With These 10 Odd Jobs

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | August 03, 2017 14:52 IST

A human scarecrow is a legit job. You might laugh, but wait till you hear the pay!
There are a number of ridiculous jobs out there. You might find them extremely nonchalant or illicit even but you better hold onto your horse because, guess what? It probably pays more that your desk job at that fancy advertising boutique or that call center! Here are 10 such odd jobs that surprisingly make good money:

1. Submarine Cook
Ok. You're probably thinking that it doesn't sound very odd. Mysterious, but not odd. However, you'll never guess how much working as a senior submarine cook in Australian will pay you: a whopping $200,000 per year (Rs1, 28, 98,000). Well now who's laughing huh? Actually, if you have about 6 years of experience in cooking out in sea, this job is for you!



2. Airplane Repo Man
If you're a born salesman then consider selling airplanes for a change! You heard it right! Airplanes! Plane costs run in millions of dollars and you'd get a whopping 10% commission on the total price! TEN PERCENT! So if you resell a plane for say, $900,000, then you're set with a lifetime fortune of $90,000 (Rs 5,804,100) Well, if a grounded planes go missing from your local airport, don't kiss and tell!


3. Pearl Diver
This one is self-explanatory! You dive into the ocean, looking for pearls among the corals all day. Unfortunately you don't get to keep the pearls but here's the upside! A pearl diver in Australia gets paid $1300 (Rs 83,837) dollars per day and one in the US gets a salary of $500(Rs 32,245) per day. PER DAY PEOPLE! It's a risky proposition but hey, you'll be swimming in a pool of money! Now don't you think it's time to take some diving lessons?


4. Lipstick Reader
Ok. It's not what you're thinking. It's even more bizarre than that. We've had our fair share of palm readers and astrologers in this world. Here's another to be added into that category: the Lipstick Reader. A lipstick reader is one who reads the lips prints of women in high teas and in turn tells them about their personalities and attempt to predict their future. Not something you'd hear or see every day but heck, for $25-$50 (Rs 1600-  3200) per hour, attending fancy parties all day, who wouldn't want to switch jobs!


5. Live Mannequin
Since we seem to be lingering in the arena of beauty and fashion here's another weird one for you: a live mannequins. High-end stores in the US and other countries hire people to dress up the way they want and parade around the store for $50 ((Rs 3200) per hour. Apparently, this job is trending all over the world so if you're an aspiring model, makes for a good day job.


6. Mystery Shopper
Are you a shopaholic? Well then here's something you've been waiting to hear. Did you know that some high-end clothing companies and their auditors sometimes hire anonymous shoppers and service evaluators to assess their merchandise, cleanliness, quality and employee service? Well, now you know. And also know that these secretive, mysterious people easily make about $100 per week for doing one assignment. Imagine, you're doing what you love AND you get paid for it, which you can subsequently use to do what you love! What a healthy cycle!


7. Crab Fisherman
Right you're probably thinking that this sounds like a completely normal and plausible job, say in Maine. But what you possibly couldn't have seen coming is the fact that fishing for crabs can practically make you richer by more than $60,000 (Rs 12,89,800). Ha! Bet you want to catch a crab right about now!


8. Water Slide Tester
No more waiting in queues. Water sliding is now a profession. Yes people. Like wine tester and chocolate tester, this one too, is a legit job. In addition to a salary of about $30,000 Quit Your Job and Still Make Good Money With These 10 Odd Jobs( Rs 19,34,700), you'd also get to travel all around the world to your favorite and the most popular water parks and test their slide for agility, speed, and extent of fun it imparts on the slider! Guess what? You're the slider. You make the calls and you also get the buck!


9. Body Advertiser
Are you an acolyte of tats? Do you also have a fear of needles? Well then let us enlighten you with this upcoming profession called Body Advertising. Apparently, painting your face or drawing the logos or even getting tattoos of them are the best ways to become live ads for companies. It's a little like transit advertising but it pays so much more: anywhere between $100- $5000 (Rs 6450- 32,000) depending on the size and quality and content of the tattoo/painting. Hello, body art!


10. Human Scarecrow
Saved the weirdest for the last people! That's right. Being a human scarecrow can earn you $10-$15 (Rs 650 -1000) per hour. So if you like to laze around all day with friends and Halloween, this is the job for you! Just summon your inner rural dweller and head to the country-side where it'll just be you and the fields and the sky and of course, the money!


So what're you still doing here? Go find your ideal freak job and earn that money!


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