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Roobina Mongia | March 16, 2016 15:32 IST

The fabulous Amazon fashion week is here! The designers are all set to put their best looks forward. Well, almost! The question to be asked is - are you? It's a given that all you fashionistas will be super busy running from one runway to another, to soak in all the excitement and so we've made your days a little bit easier by listing out . Here are our top five essentials for this year's Amazon Fashion Week.

Sling it, Ladies!
Perfect bag equals perfect start. For a hectic day like this one, you should definitely go for a sling. They're comfortable, stylish and have more than enough space to keep the essentials.

Keep that energy high!
We know how often we get the munchies, and since the snacks don' t come to you, you got to carry them! Don't let those hunger pangs take away your attention from the runway. Slide in a nutritious energy bar in your oh-so-perfect-sling.   

Flat Vibes will do just fine!
We all know heels will never go out of fashion but you know they will slow you down. And need we remind you of the painful after-effects? Go flat, this season! Who says they have to be boring? There's a bunch of options to pick from!

Charge on the go
Be smart and carry a portable charger. No matter how good a smartphone you got - It's not going to last!  You really don't want risk being MIA on Instagram, especially this time.

From Day to Night!
Always be ready to transform in a jiffy. The ever so fantastic after parties await you, so make sure your day look can easily be turned around to a chic night one. Maybe take off that jacket to show off the dress or go bold on the make-up.

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