Revealed: The Truth About Drinking Lemon Honey Water In The Morning

Sejal Mehra | June 12, 2017 16:18 IST

Some call it the magic potion; some call it the miracle drink. We are talking about the famous lemon-honey-water concoction! Here is everything you should know about the drink and why you should start drinking it if you haven't already.

Health Benefits 

1. Clears Acne And Other Infections
Lemon, also known as the cleansing agent, cleans and purifies the blood whereas honey boosts the antibacterials. Both of these combined together, get rid of wrinkles, acne and other radical skin problems. It purifies the skin from inside -out.


2. Aids In Weight Loss
This drink is low in calories and helps to fight hunger. So the next time you feel like having a snack, move away from the doughnuts and have a sip of this magic water.

weight loss measures

3. Aids Digestion
The three ingredients are good for you individually. When all are combined, they work wonders for your digestive system by producing bile.


4. Boosts The Immune System
Not only an apple, but a glass of honey lemon water, keeps the doctor away too. It contains saponins and enhances iron absorption which in turn keeps the diseases at bay.

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5. Balances pH Levels
Though lemon is acidic, the drink helps to remove the overall acidity of the body. It also helps to reduce pain and inflammation resulting in a healthy you.

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6. Freshens Breath
Besides relieving toothaches, the drink also prevents bad breath. So add drinking this concoction to your morning ritual and leave your mouth smelling fresh the entire day.

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7. Acts As A Diuretic
It helps to flush out unwanted materials by increasing the rate of urination. This helps to release the toxins from your body at a faster rate.


8. Gets Rid Of Period Cramps
It works wonders for your cruel period cramps. All you have to do is add ginger juice to the already prepared drink. It will keep you hydrated and throw the cramps out the window.


How Much Should You Drink?
If you weigh below 70 kilos and are in good health, squeeze half a lemon in 250-300 ml of warm water. If you weigh above 70 kilos, drink the same amount twice a day. If you drink more than this, have it gradually throughout the day. Too much of this water too quickly can cause uncomfortable detoxification.


Is It Best To Drink It Hot Or Cold?
Drinking this at room temperature or lukewarm will result in maximum health benefits. It will allow for the full enzymatic and energetic properties of the lemon. Boiling water will result in no benefits because the heat will destroy some of the enzymatic properties. Ice cold water is also not good as it will hinder the digestive benefits of the lemon.


1. Remember to use fresh lemons and filtered water.

2. Children under twelve years of age should not drink this water on a daily basis.

3. Make sure to use the whole of lemon, i.e., juice, peel and zest.

4. Don't drink this if you are allergic to either lemon or honey.

5. Don't put more than one tablespoon of honey in each glass.

Drink your way to a healthier you!


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