These Sabyasachi Sarees Are Every Bit Magical

Shiralie Chaturvedi | August 16, 2017 14:23 IST

Sabyasachi Mukherjee long went from being just a designer, a couturier, to an artist who creates his genius in a way that it is no less than magic. Just like an auteur who goes too deep in the direction of a movie -Mukherjee delves deep into actually direction a narrative for his fashion sense. And that's visible in his clothes.

So here are 7 of the most artistically driven sarees that go beyond just being apparel.

1. Traditional and Minimalistic
The interesting thing about this look is how the embellishments don't overwhelm the ensemble; yet keep it aesthetically minimal. The contrast of blue and gold with maroon and gold takes us by surprise and that is where the magic lie. You are forced to push your boundaries for this one, and sartorially it becomes an instant success.

2. Unorthodox 
Similarly green is still looked at with trepidation and scepticism when concerning a suitable colour for traditional garb. Especially if the green isn't in the typical royal variant. A rustic green that doesn't typify to a particular time window indeed becomes timeless. And that is how this saree comes across as.

3. Showstoppers 
If one ought to do opulence, it should be done in an overt jaw-dropping sense. It shouldn't be cloaked with a fake guise of subtlety, but be open in the most ostentatious way. The colours should be vibrant, the jewellery bedazzling, and the texture fancy. These looks are those show stopping ones that will make you the envy of everyone who choose to not be in awe.

4. Afternoon Unions 
There is nothing in this look that doesn't spell out a Gatsbian afternoon in quiet corners of the French Riviera, sipping on a Bellini and being your most effortlessly stylish self. If there needs to be an excuse for day drinking, it would be this look. In a gazebo, at a soiree, in a swamp of bohemian dresses, there would be this look of absolute refreshment.


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5. Classiest Sassiest 
Not that with such sartorial wonders do we have a privilege of picking out a favourite, but gun to our head? We would pick this look. The texture, the colours, the muted elegance matching perfectly well with a youthful exuberance. This look would work just as well for a lunch party as it would for a dinner. This can be casual and this can be flamboyant. The buttery texture with the pastel colour works even better for something that travels between sophistication and playfulness.

6. Marshmallows
Bubblegum, millennial, marshmallow - there are many variations to the colour pink. They speak of vibrancy, of femininity, of sweetness. They also speak of bridal showers, tea parties, miniature cakes; this looks is all of that rolled into one. Like floral cups at a high tea with trays glistening in silver with layers of colourful confectionary, this look - this saree only is reminiscent of softness and porcelain, that is precious and stunning.

7. Crimson Cocktails
And finally, like a closing call and a glass of red wine at an evening of a gala or just a wedding reception, the redness of this saree meeting with the velvet is the golden hour of clothes. There is nothing amiss about this, no thread disarray, no flaw untold.


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