Southern Indian Cuisine Beyond Idli, Sambhar, Dosa

NDTV Good Times | April 20, 2017 17:26 IST

India is home to such varied cuisine that we can literally have a different meal every day and still not exhaust all that is in the culinary repository of this nation; however thanks to familiarity and comfort we often pick favourites from each cuisine and stick to it while missing out on so many yum delicacies! So let this list be an ode to the food that we shouldn't miss out on, especially when it comes to cuisine from Southern India!

Here are our top five!

1. Hyderabadi Biryani
First off the list is this lip-smacking, pride of nation -Hyderabadi Biryani with Saffron! We have it on good authority that there are very few dishes that even make the cut as close as the deliciousness of this! Spicy, milky, smooth, aromatic, with a zing of herbs and saffron literally melts in your mouth. This is something you can't miss out on!



2. Paniyaram  
This Tamil Nadu bite-sized appetizer is basically heaven in your mouth that is dipped in some tangy chutney. Have it with tea in the evening, or with some buttermilk in the day -these fried bits are flavourful, not too filling, and considering they are fried you can actually opt for a portion that does your health justice. This might as well be one of our favourite snack-time options!


3. Kadala Curry  
This is a version of chickpea curry that has been mastered in quite the different way. Black channa are cooked to perfection making this so tasty, yet so fresh that it is actually a breakfast staple! Minimal gravy, strong herbs, some colourful seasoning makes it for a crunchy as well as smooth preparation.


4. Appam and Stew
Whether you enjoy some veggie kurma stew or of a chicken variety it is an entirely incomplete meal without some spongy, breazy, fluffy appam. Refreshing to the palette plus so easy to prepare and super quick to eat up. Not only will this be a wholesome meal but it will also be quite light on your stomach!


5. Karnataka Chicken Curry
And lastly, nothing says sumptuous than some chicken curry in a tomato gravy broth that ranks high in aroma and flavour. With succulent chicken, some subtle tinge of coconut, and galore of spices will make you fall head over heels in love with this meal! Trust us, we are salivating just writing this!



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