Stacy Keibler shares fitness regime

Indo-Asian News Service | June 28, 2013 15:13 IST

Actress-model Stacy Keibler says she likes to work out everyday to stay fit. She also advises that one should work out at least for 10 minutes daily to keep in good shape.

"My fitness tip is to try and sweat every single day. Even if you can only do jumping jacks for 10 minutes in your house and that's all you can get in," quoted Keibler as saying.

The 33-year-old also said that eating organic fruits and vegetables is one of the reasons she's able to look great at all times.

"I believe that you are what you eat, so I try to eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits," she said.

However, the actress recently gave up fruits for a 21 day Clean program which she said left her feeling better than ever.

"My life changed when I did the 21-day clean program. I eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn and gluten and looked at it like an experiment with my body," she said.

The former wrestler is currently dating actor George Clooney.

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