The Dance Evolution of Katrina from Just Chill to Kala Chashma

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | July 14, 2017 18:27 IST

It's the Bollywood bombshell's birthday and as we reflect upon her years in in the industry, it's obvious that Katrina Kaif has come a long way. For someone who is not of Indian decent, Bollywood seems imbibed into her. This includes the fact that the Bollywood style of dancing comes naturally for her. She struggled initially, but gradually evolved into the ultimate Bollywood dancer. Here are 13 songs through which one can witness the evolution of her dancing talent:

1. Just Chill- Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
We can all agree that Katrina Kaif has come a long way from Just Chill but every actor has a starting point, which is always a little rocky. Everything is at first. This was one of those, when Katrina was still learning the tricks of the trade and settling into the industry. The steps are simple, but seems like she was still stuck in her shell, waiting to break free.



2. Rafta Rafta- Namastey London
From clubbing in Just Chills, she then entered the realm of Bollywood dance with some Punjabi influence. Even though she still looks like a foreigner trying to pull off Indian dance steps, she's not all that stuck. It seems like she's finally starting to let loose. Points for that! And besides, this was her breakout movie!


3. Zara Zara Touch- Race
Now it feels like she's finally in her comfort zone. When it comes to shaking her hips, she nails it; summoning her inner belly dancer for the first time, for this upbeat club track. She's finally on the right track!


4. Jee Karda- Singh is King
Looks like she's found her vibe! Jee Karda has her doing some tiresome, on-the-spot steps but she finally seems to be enjoying herself and breaking out of the shell. There are no inhibitions and the hands are definitely completely in the air!


5. Main Tera Dhadkan- Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani
We loved her in this movie. Be it her acting or her dancing, she hit the home run with this movie! This song especially, with its comedic angle and catchy tune, bode well with her. And Katrina is not afraid to flaunt her raunchy, sporty outfit! You go girl!


6. Paisa Paisa- De Dana Dan
The steps were few but they were sharp. This Usher-inspired track had her sporting a very hip-hop look while juxtaposing it with a traditional one. It required a great deal of dancing and a great deal of acting. Not her best performance, but it definitely served as a transition point. This is when her dancing legacy began.

7. Sheila Ki Jawani- Tees Maar Khan
The movie might not have been a success but this song has gone down in history as one of the first and most popular item songs. This is where the modern era of "item songs" began. And Katrina Kain made for a fabulous lead. Her sexy side gets unleashed and she flat out nails it. Belly dancing....on point. She will, forever, be remembered for this song. The title belongs to her, hands-down!


8. Chikni Chameli- Agneepath
After the initiation in the world of "item songs", she is finally in her comfort zone. Hence, Chikni Chameli was right up her alley. The fast-paced song did not prove to be an easy one to figure out dance steps to, but her inner "chameli" come alive and she rocks it on-screen. Going with the flow seems to be the motto here as she rips across the floor, being the one-woman show that she is.


9. Mahshallah- Ek That Tiger
She's gone from desi to street to Arabian belly dancing. She lets that monster unleash, especially for that solo bit towards the end. You can tell she has a knack for dancing now, a well-imbibed one. Anyone else disappointed with the fact that she doesn't get enough screen time in this song? Move aside Salman Khan. We want more Katrina!


10. Ishq Shava- Jab Tak Hai Jaan
More than the song itself, it was the dance that precedes that makes our jaws drop. Moving with great finesse and a slight stealth to her litheness, Katrina Kaif won our hearts with this dance sequence. And what about that salsa huh! So fluidic! But wait! The best was yet to come! She had more in store for us!


11. Kamli- Dhoom 3
Et Voila! This is it! This was the "finale-moment" everyone was waiting for. And Katrina, ever-so-gracefully, has gifted us with this fine piece of dancing. Being Bollywood through to its roots, Kamli is NOT an easy song to dance to. The clever yet cunning off-beats can put one of her guard. But not Katrina! She just dances away like this song was meant for her. Heck screw it! It totally was!


12. Bang Bang!- Bang Bang!
No other actress can keep pace with a sensational dancer like Hrithik Roshan, except Katrina Kaif. Her level of dedication in terms of practice and effort can be seen in the way she compliments every one of Hrithik Roshan's moves perfectly. Can't imagine the amount of pressure she must've had, but she ceased the day with this one! A Jackson tribute, with the right Janet!


13. Kala Chashma- Baar Baar Dekho

Well here we are. Her latest performance in Kala Chashma was unique and experimental. She seems completely tuned to the vibe of the song, like nothing can stop her. This is Katrina Kaif, a la mode for you! And it show how far she has come really. In terms of acting, dancing and as a unique entity of an industry so repetitive and clichéd that making a name is a mammoth task! But not for her it isn't! We can't wait to see what other moves she's got in store for us!


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