The Ideal Wishlist for Women Everywhere

NDTV Good Times | March 08, 2018 15:51 IST

What do women want? No they don't want endless clothes, endless make up products, etc etc - things that pop culture (the bad side of it) expects us to believe because belittling and simplifying women is everyone's favourite past-time. But hey, maybe ask women what they truly want and we can tell you this is it. This is what they want.

1) A Night-Vision Cape
 It is like night vision goggles, but cooler, because it filters off shady people from areas that you want to venture out at night. The cape is a cloak, but one that lets predators and perverts alike away from your orbit. So you don't have to change a thing about you when you choose to go out at night, but the elements that deter it will just not be able to access you!


2) A Pill To Numb Uterus Once A Month
We bet you know which part of the month we are talking about. We understand the importance of all holy biological things, but if only the process didn't involve pain that tears into our soul. So perhaps a pill that doesn't give us relief for just a bit, but something that does a little bit more? That would be great!


3) A Make-Up Spray
 Someone somewhere in either Bengaluru or California needs to get on this stat. Imagine the power of spraying make-up on yourself. No brushes, no lipsticks, no eyeliners - just one spray and you are done! Easy, time efficient and still indulges our need to look perfect!


4) A First Date Elimination Potion
It sounds too much, but it is actually just a great drink that should be concocted especially for first date consumption so you can eliminate any further correspondence if the date is tanking. Just a swig and you are set. Suddenly your date is hit with a clear air of honesty and reacts in a way that you can judge upon if suits you or not. No more trying, testing, just this simple potion!


5) A Card For Each Mansplaining Moment
 Discussing your salary with your male boss? Having an argument with a male friend? Being questioned on your knowledge and skills? Hmm, we all have been through it and we all need a card for every single time a male mansplains. Just like in sports, first few cards are fouls, until you have finally had enough and need to have the man in question step out of this game called your social or professional circle!

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