The Ultimate 2017 Sangeet Playlist

Shiralie Chaturvedi | November 09, 2017 17:38 IST

The wedding season is significant because of two reasons. One the clothes, two the awesome dance shenanigans that happen every single time during sangeet! These songs are chartbusters, the moves are totally crazy, and the camaraderie is heart-warming, and this year the songs delivered and how. 2017 was full of a lot of remixes, and that did us good because we got to hear amazing classic songs in combination with original awesome numbers.

1. Humma Humma 
First up is this absolutely fantastic number that was probably one of the best hits out of the 90s decades, and because it is reproduced by the maestro AR Rahman once again, it doesn't lose its charm at all!

2. Laila Mein Laila
A less cabaret remix of the classic song, this is perfect for a solo performance by the bride or either of close besties!

3. Mera Miyan Gaye England 
Slightly retro in its music and tempo, this song should definitely be on your list of songs for not only variety but also for a little bit of nostalgia.

4. Badri Ki Dulhaniya 
We can't even think of this song without bobbing our head to a beat! This song was undoubtedly one of the best in the year, and if you ask us it was even better than the remixed Tamma Tamma.

5. Suit Suit
Like every year there is that one Punjabi pop number that you hear everywhere, this year it was this song! And we have no qualms about it because it was that good!

6. Mubarakan
This song is goals for your entire family! Imagine all your close relatives kicking it up in a song fit for an entire baraat!

7. Single Rehne De 
So it is definably ironical to play this song at a marriage function, but the beats! The beats really are worth it being on your playlist. Just dance away to this number without really getting into the lyrics.

8. Sweety Tera Drama
We will be totally candid -this song is our favourite from the list. The old world charm of a dholak mixed with cool modern lyrics is such a perfect combination. It truly makes you enjoy the song, whatever genre you are, whatever age you are!

9. Oonchi Hai Building
Another remix, but still the same amount of masti! This song is perfect for that flirty bride and groom dance!

10. Maine Tujhko Dekha 
This is kind of a remix but with its own creativity. A perfect song for a bunch of friends to shake a leg too.

11. Ghoomar
And finally -if you are a bride who wants to stun everyone at your sangeet with dedication and dance, just take this song up. It will be spectacular, trust us.


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