These Foods Have Us Excited For 2017

Shiralie Chaturvedi | January 20, 2017 15:26 IST

Food is one force that combines everyone and everything towards one common goal of deliciousness. Especially with extreme access and recipes at the click of every mouse, we have become extremely conscious of what we eat, how we eat, where we eat. So make sure you are on trend this year with these foods!

1. Taco
Universally regarded as one of the most fulfilling fast foods ever, the best bit about tacos is the ability for it to include a bevy of ingredients that range from meat to veggies to fruits to different sauces. It even qualifies as a light bite!


2. Non-Alcoholic Drinks
More power to iced teas, smoothies, and shakes! Boozy brunches, happy hours are all absolutely passé! What's new and interesting is concocting pretty yummy drinks out of non-alcoholic ingredients and enjoying not being hungover the next day!


3. Fermented Food
Lots of jars, lots of storage spaces, lots of yum! Fermented foods are especially trendy and useful because of their practicality. Pickles, kimchi, yoghurt, salads -all these foods can be preserved and stored well with a little help of some microorganisms. So it's power packed, tasty, and super convenient!


4. Social Media Food
This can also be lovingly called, pretty food. Basically a lot of us go to fancy places with marble tops entirely so when we take pictures of these dishes and put up on our social media not only do we relive all the decadent food but make others crave it too. So make sure whatever you eat this year, it is photogenic!

food foodie

5. Insects
Not so much as a trend but more of a food dare for 2017. Don't let these crawly creepers go out of your way in your quest to be on point lifestyle wise. Maybe dunk a whole pitcher of a sweet drink after, or smash your face in cake? But be sure to get a bowl full of insects for at least one meal.


6. Healthy Snacks
We are stumped as you as to how healthy foods became such a raging trend for a few years now. From kale to chia to granola; superfoods are super hipster, super cool, super healthy, and quite pretty! You just have to maybe get a little used to the taste. Once that's taken care of it is totally a win-win.


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