These Winter Salads Are Perfect To Go With Your Dal Roti!

Shiralie Chaturvedi | December 13, 2017 11:11 IST

What's a winter lunch in the sun without some accompaniments; like some dahi, some achaar, some salaad. Winter gets some of the most delicious produce, and we should take full advantage of it by whipping up delicious salads to eat with our dal roti, and here are some of them! 

1. Chana Salad
The age old, easy to perfect chana salad is ideal for winters! Chickpeas are full of fibre and protein so they are healthy, plus you can fashion them with chopped veggies and mint chutney. It's the quintessential Indian salad.


2. Amrood Anaar Salad
There is no winter without these two fruits, and this fruit chaat is perfect right before your lunch! Chomp some sweet saltiness and put oodles of chaat masala atop the salad. It's the best salad out there, trust us.

panner salad

3. Red Radish Salad 
Mooli salad is a total winter Indian lunch favourite, and red radish just adds a vibrant twist to it! Toss up some colourful radishes, some spring onions, and lots of seeds for a perfect salad that you can only enjoy during this season!


4. Pumpkin Salad
Pumpkin is literally everywhere, come the slight nip in the air. And honestly the smooth buttery sweet pumpkin in a salad form is just like your everyday subzi but with an exotic flavour. Prep it with a lot of dried nuts, and some leafy veggies for it to be full of flavour and visual appeal!

pumpkin salad

5. Aloo Salad  
This is our personal favourite, because it has cream, it has potatoes, it has onions, and it has loads of flavour! A cold potato salad with your dal roti makes a simple lunch so much more appealing. Plus it is super filling and nutritious, too!


6. Beetroot Salad
And finally, nothing some pickled beetroot salad can't fix. This salad is so flavourful and tangy; you can actually forego an entire subzi and just have this with your roti or paratha. Trust us, this change in your lunch is going to be amazing for your palate.



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