This Trivia Will Make You Love Indian Food More

NDTV Goodtimes | August 16, 2017 15:53 IST

Indian food dons many hats; from being known to be entirely too delectable, to being very spicy, to being colourful and aromatic. But there is a lot about Indian food that we still don't know, and would love to! So here we try to decode the intrigue that Indian cuisine is all about!

1) Gulab Jamun Was Adopted
If you don't want to share your favorite hot sugar syrup domes with anyone, than you will be shocked to know that we have already shared the same recipe with the Mediterranean region, much before they actually came to India. The tasty jamuns existed by the name of 'Luqmat al Qadi' and was a local delicacy there. Now that hurts!


2) Hyderabad Loves Its Samosas
Hyderabad apparently has quite the love for samosas other than their famous biryani. That makes the city highest samosa consuming state of the country is an amazing achievement to tell. Now the fact is that Samosa too existed as 'sambosa' in the Middle East much before it came to India is again heart breaking! Ouch!

3) While Delhi Is All About Eggs
No matter if its 45 degree outside, protein is a must. Delhi's love for egg is never restricted. Delhites rewrites the old concept to "Sunday ho ya Monday, khub khao aur kilao ande".

4) Rajma was born in Mexico
The outline of modern Indian delicacies comes from the overseas borders is proven from the fact that, our Panjabi pride "the great kidney beans" or 'rajma" is actually an adopted meal. But no matter what, we love to call it our own and enjoy with or without any supplement!

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