Top 5 Bridal Problems And Their Overnight Solutions

Malvika Mahajan | January 18, 2017 11:16 IST

When the delight and happiness of getting married gets overshadowed by the last minute stress, it's your turn to try these shortcut solutions to be a happy bride.

1. Acne
It's always a bad time to have a pimple but a day before your big day is simply the worst time. If this red monster is haunting your skin, scare it away by putting ice or fresh aloe vera on the affected area.

acne problem

2. Stress, Anxiety And Sleepless Nights
Don't let stress unleash the bridezilla in you. You must say goodbye to stress and worry before your big day. You need to know that what is done is done and your stress won't change things overnight. To calm yourself, have a cup of camomile tea which is an effective natural sedative, relieving anxiety and stress.


3. Bloating
Feeling like a water balloon is not the feeling you want before your big day. So get rid of the bloating by sipping on ginger tea as ginger relieves the pressure of bloating by helping gas pass through the digestive system.


4. Puffiness
The late night wedding events, the constant hustle, the emotional breakdown are sure to take a toll on your beauty. Keep puffiness away with this overnight solution - apply refrigerated cucumber on your eyes, its astringent properties will reduce inflammation and make your eyes bright, beautiful and clear.


5. Dry Itchy Skin
If the makeup, the cold weather and steamy showers have made your skin dry and itchy before your big day, we have a quick remedy for you. Just massage your face with olive oil. The magical ingredient will transform dry skin to soft, supple glowing skin.





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