Top 6 Foodie Hacks To Try In Switzerland

Ahvanya Sharma | September 16, 2016 14:10 IST

If you're a foodie who's planning a trip to Switzerland, you are in for a culinary roller coaster my friend.  The country of the Alps has the most decadent and mouth watering food that you've rarely tasted before, from warming cheese fondue to velvety Swiss chocolate, not to forget the luscious wine. This country is nothing short of spectacular in what it has to offer to make your taste buds tingle.

To experience the secret behind good food, we have for you the top 6 adventures of a food fanatic; you may have heard of Kunal Kapur, well, this chef's food guide is a ticket to explore some of the finest delicacies in Switzerland!

1. Chocolate Making in Geneva

Every good meal has to end on a sweet note, and where better to find the perfect desert than Switzerland! In every nook and corner you are bound to come across a chocolate shop. In search for that bittersweet bar of chocolate, chef Kunal heads off to Geneva to curb his chocolate craving. Not only do you get to eat the most sinful chocolates there, you can even try your hand at making the worlds finest chocolates.

We all know that Switzerland is the land of rolling green fields and powdery white peaks but what good is a scenic view without some delicious food to be enjoyed with it. We've all read about the typical Swiss meals that we must try, but the ingredients and process that goes into the creation of a beautiful dish are what chef Kunal appreciated the most. Savor the taste of the chocolate that melts in your mouth and enjoy the cheesiness of the fondue, but don't forget to explore where this fresh produce comes from and cherish the variety of cuisines, culture and traditions that Switzerland has to offer.  

2. Boat Ride in Lugano and authentic Ticinese food

If Lakeside promenades and fancy boutiques are your thing, then Lugano is shouting out your name. After a relaxing boat ride and soaking up some Swiss sun, you would be ready to try age-old recipes of Ticino, but with a modern twist.

Ticinese cuisine is a continuous process of evolution and preservation and some of their famous dishes are minestrone, risotto, and polenta. Salmi of rabbit and marinated fish from the lake are a Ticinese specialty.  From country festivals to winning competitions, the Ticinese are very proud of their Bread Cake because it will be the most unique cake you would have ever tried.
So what are you waiting for, take that boat ride and spoil yourself silly with an array of traditional dishes to choose from.

3. Fishing in Lake Lugano

If you're hooked on to fishing, Lake Lugano is the place you ought to be visiting. After reeling in a few black Bass, you have to go feed your stomach, not with what you just caught but at a Lakeside restaurant that goes by the name of "Grotto Teresa".
This renowned restaurant is not just known for its panoramic view but the food there is sublime. Fresh form the lake, straight on the grill and onto your plate, their seafood is to die for. Not just that, the homemade deserts at Grotto Teresa are their most sought delicacy, from warm apple strudel to their hot chocolate, this meal will leave you in a food comma. No wonder chef Kunal chose to visit this restaurant all by himself.

4. Fondue dinner at Hotel Eggishorn in Fiesh

After a long tiring day, on a cold snowy evening in the Alps, having some cheese fondue would be heavenly! Tucked away in the sunny canton of Valais, located above Fiesch is a quaint little hotel called Hotel Eggishorn and the fondue over there is to die for.

Situated on the Fiescheralp, Hotel Eggishorn's restaurant overlooks the magnificent Alps and a comforting meal with that stunning view is the perfect way to end your day.
And even if you can't go to Eggishorn to try the fondue, this Swiss delicacy can be enjoyed just about anywhere from Geneva to Zurich, Zermatt and the list goes on.

5. Cheese and Butter making in Aletsch

The Aletsch Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the Alps, is where the traditional method of cheese-making originated. The Alpine museum that is located there has an exhibition displayed of all the paraphernalia used in this age-old technique.

The museum even has cheese-making demonstrations every Wednesdays for tourists to watch and learn how Alpine cheese is made.

If you indulged in butter as a child, you would not want to miss out on seeing how fresh Alpine milk turns into creamy butter. Sit through a demonstration and watch how this creamy goodness is churned. Kunal can vouch that you'll never taste butter that is so pure and so delicious.

6. Wine tasting in Valais

If wine is your drink then visiting the wine capital of Switzerland has to be on the top of your list. Situated in Ticino, the valley of Valais has been in the business of wine making for almost a thousand years and is proud of the specialty that it bottles; the Merlot.  

Most of the wine in this region is produced by independent vignerons who would be happy to accompany you on a stroll through the largest vineyards of Switzerland and be your guide when tasting different wines from pinot noir to merlot.

Though no sommelier, Kunal Kapur had Goosebumps when tasting his first glass of wine in this gorgeous valley.

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