Totally Weird Ice Cream Flavours To Try Out This Summer

NDTV Good Times | June 01, 2016 11:12 IST

Can you believe going through the summer without indulging in cold, sweet, delicious ice cream? Everywhere there seems to be a cart, a parlour, a grocery store that is filled with bars, and cones, and cups and fancy sundae glasses that are alluring and super tasty! Whoever said money can't buy happiness, clearly didn't  consider ice cream.

But if you are bored of the usual chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, NDTV Good Times is here to help you with some interesting and eclectic flavours that will keep you hooked onto this sweltering summer!

Nitrogen Ice-Cream

This is your quick-fix ice cream that integrates molecular gastronomy in its prep, gets ready instantly and is a treat to have! Liquid nitrogen makes ice crystals smaller and ice cream creamier !The best part of the ice cream is, it is made in front of you and you get to watch the entire process in front of your eyes. Fun to watch, and delicious to eat, this is quite perfect for a quick treat.

Meetha Paan Flavour

Paan is considered to be everyone's favourite post dinner digestive. It's fresh, it has got a punch, and it gives you a cool aftertaste. Now, imagine that taste in an ice cream form! Paan flavour ice cream is literally becoming everyone's favourite! Mixed with creaminess and with a zingy texture of gulkand, this is a perfect dessert!  

Tamarind Sorbets

Sorbets, the slushy - organic - often healthy are favourites in the summer. Sorbets usually have a significant taste because they take upon the original sweetness from the fruit used. Adding tamarind will be a super addition as it brings in a certain tanginess we all crave for in the summer.  

Curry Carrot Ice-Cream

Before we all get super concerned, let's start with the usual positives that carrot has been used for desserts for a long time, and they are all very decadent! But, of course every conventional thing is due a twist every now and then. Add to regular carrot ice-cream some curry leaves for a herby and spicy aftertaste! This is going to be a favourite for those who appreciate some subtle sweetness, but love their ice cream!

Green Tea Ice-Cream

Green Tea desserts are the most delicious Japanese export till date. Sorry, sushi but we're discovering other Japanese delicacies that we're beginning to fall in love with. The attractive pastel colour, the freshness, and the absolutely creamy texture calls for a perfect after-meal sweet indulgence. Due to its popularity the flavour has now also been integrated to popular ice cream chains across the world!

Corn on the Cob Ice-Cream

As terrifying as it sounds, this is an amalgamation of flavours! Some Mexican corn taste, some Indian buttery smoothness, and sure to be your favourite ice cream of the season! Put some broken cob pieces in a bowl and add milk and cream - it'll be so even and creamy it'll remind you of some whipped cream with advanced flavours! Cold, with a subtle feel of warmth is going to make you keep coming back to this homemade goodness!
Fruity Popsicles

The good thing about fruit based desserts is always the guilt-free indulgence. As the sweetness is completely natural, you can add copious amounts without packing on the calories. For a hot sunny day, nothing seems better than some frozen fruit popsicles that not only look stunning but also taste super fresh and are very tasty! Not to forget, the up-vote for being healthy too!

Spaghetti and Cheese Ice-cream

This actually is a national favourite of Venezuela! It is essentially of a cheesy flavour with chunks of spaghetti noodles mixed in. It's unique but can be identified as a very fancy version of our good ol' falooda with vermicelli! Or maybe that's a stretch. But what is the fun in life if you don't try new things?!

Honey Jalapeno Pickle Ice-Cream

We are really in favour of eccentric ice creams flavours! Like this one is chopped cucumbers laced with honey with some jalapeno garnishing! Not only is it a green explosion, but also has so many different flavours right from spicy, to sour, and of course sweet! Serve this ice cream to guests and feel them admire your perfect cooking skills.

Potato Ice-Cream

Who would have thought of a potato ice cream? Sweet potato mash mixed with ice cream sounds odd but we promise its heavenly! Traditionally served on holidays, this ice cream will be for those who have a strong sweet tooth because it's packed with milky smoothness, lovely texture, and a sweet-sweet taste!

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