Travel Ready: Helping You Pack for A Hilly Summer Vacation

Shiralie Chaturvedi | May 15, 2017 18:05 IST

You know that feeling when all you want to do is run off to a cold hilly location while battling the throes of heat? But you experience that odd dilemma of having put away your winter clothes to make space for all the colourful, short, perky outfits! Don't fret - because we help you pack your travel bag! A bit of fashion, a lot of comfort, and no impracticality; this is how you get ready to travel for a hilly vacation!

1. Denim Jacket
This is the most versatile item regardless your purpose toward a vacation. A denim jacket is quite light, but very sturdy at the same time. It is one of those items that would look good on a floral dress as well as on rugged jeans. It will be the best overlay for you take on a mountain trip!


2. Ankle Boots 
These aren't as uncomfortable as the knee-high ones, and occupy lesser space especially if you plan on trekking during the course of this hilly vacation. Plus these will keep your feet warm without weighing too much and dragging you down. We suggest you keep these handy because they do the needful without looking winter specific.


3. Sweatshirt 
Best. Thing. Ever. This is that wonderful thing between a sweater and a tshirt that is comfortable, cute, and heeds to so much purpose. Whether you are trekking or sitting by the fire-place or braving the windy chill it protects you without being overwhelming. Plus it's also a great pick for when evenings turn unexpectedly chilly during a balmy summer month.


4. Ear Muffs / Gloves / Muffler 
For a lot of people the first pressure points of feeling cold are fingers, nose, ears. So even if you are planning on enjoying your holiday by wearing light layers, make sure you stock up on the main accessories -gloves, muffler and ear muffs. They are light and small and will help you combat worst of cold chills.


5. Athleisure 
Whether you are basking under the sun or frolicking atop a hill -it is important to carry joggers, track pants, or yoga pants that make you walk kilometers without feeling overburdened with your own clothes. Plus these essentials can be fashioned with any of the above items. It is important you wear something breathable even if you are at a cold place because it will prevent chafing and it won't at all be tight or restricting.

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