Undeniable Stages We All Go Through While Eating Momos

Sejal Mehra | June 09, 2017 14:57 IST

Momos are everybody's favourite street food and we haven't met anyone who isn't in love with them. So we decided to write about the stages of eating momos!

1. When mom makes tinda for dinner but you want momos
You are hungry and you ask hopefully, "Mom what's for dinner?" You hope to hear something good. Something nice. Something not, "TINDA" Your worst fear has come true.



2. When friend calls you and asks if you want to eat momos

You hear the phone ring and see it's your friend. Your heart is filled with hope again. "Hello. Want to go and eat momos?" YES! Finally you have found an escape from the dreadful vegetable.


3. When you and your friends are on your way

All of you walk to the nearest momo stall together. Your steps have a certain bounce to them and your eyes are glimmering with true happiness. All that matters are steaming hot momos.


4. When you see the 'momo wale bhaiya'

You can see him from a distance. He shines in the crowd. He is surrounded by people. He is your saviour. He is the 'momo wale bhaiya'. You can't wait to push the crowd aside and reach him.


5. When the plate of momos reaches you

You can smell the delicious momos, you can see the beautiful stream rising and going up in the air. You are so close to eating the heavenly momos.


6. When you eat the first momo

As soon as take the first bite, you feel your whole body relaxing. Your taste buds are now satisfied. The momo never goes to the stomach, it goes to the heart.


7. When the momo chutney hits you

You are so involved in your momos that you carelessly scoop up the red momo chutney. The spice hits you after a while and you know that you are in for a long time in the washroom the next day.


8. When they get over but you want more

Before you can even relish them, the little dumplings get over. Your stomach might be full but your heart? No way. This is the time you deliberate if you should listen to your diet or eat another plate.


9. When you read that momos might be banned

Everything was going fine the whole day but you could sense something was wrong, just like a mother whose child has been in an accident. You somehow knew that your precious momos were in danger. Then you heard about the ban and your world came crashing down.


10. When you eat moms for the last time

You decide that there will never be a right time for saying goodbye to them so you head out to eat your last plate. You are crying the whole time while eating it. Maybe it's the gloomy farewell or maybe it is the spicy red chutney.


11. Lastly, when you pray to god to not let them get banned.

When you don't have any option left, you do what you do every time you get your result. You pray to god that everything will be fine. You promise god that you will actually go on a diet if he prevents the momo ban.


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