Ways To Remain Healthy During Weddings

Shiralie Chaturvedi | February 15, 2017 13:33 IST

Whenever wedding time approaches, everyone seems to be worried about the health and diet of the bride and groom, especially because of course they have a lot to endure, and all that is usually documented. But what we don't talk about is are the guests! They are going through the elaborate motions as well, and they need to up their health quotient too!

So here are ways you can eat all the greasy food, be sleep deprived, have no time for anything at all, and still be super healthy!

1. Wake Up Work Out
Even if it is just plain crunches or stretching, make sure you gear up for your day with a quick round of exercise. No need for something strenuous, lest you pull a muscle, but something that rejuvenates you, and provides agility for the rest of the day!


2. Lean Proteins Intake
It's very important on hectic days to have a good balanced diet, this may not be possible when you are running around in a wedding setting, but you must not compromise on consuming lean proteins. Your best bet? Eggs! Just have a quick veggie omelette, or some scrambled eggs at the start of your day. It will help in keeping you full, nourished, and healthy!


3. Wedding Dance
Not that you need us to tell you this, but dancing at weddings is actually one of the easiest ways to remain fit and not let all the calorific food catch up to you! It's basically like a Zumba class that you are taking in a lehenga!


4. Cocktail Hour Appetizers
Another way to keep at bay all health evils associated with weddings, is to eat as you drink. We advise you to have a minimum alcohol intake, relying maximum on wine and champagne -but if you do like your drinks then just balance it with appetizers and small bites. Only drinking and not eating with it will get you to inebriation fast as well as make you super hungry so you binge-eat the main course!


5. Roaming Around 
This is such a great way of feeling energized during a wedding. A lot of the ceremonies will require you to be stagnant and sit, so any moment you get, take a walk. Mingle with people, and roam about. It will be invigorating, plus you will be locomotive!



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