Weekend Getaways That Will Cost Less Than an Elaborate Meal for Two: Delhi

Nidhi Suresh | April 22, 2016 12:40 IST

Be impulsive this weekend and head out! There is no better time than now to take advantage of a weekend, collect some essentials (like co-travellers) and set out for these destinations that are not only close to Delhi, but also the vacation will be reasonably priced!

We bring to you a great list of places you can visit just because you felt like it.

1. Agra

If you're in Delhi and planning a weekend getaway, then the first place to add on your checklist is Agra. Visit the spectacular Taj Mahal and enjoy a quiet romantic walk around the area. This would be an ideal weekend getaway with that special someone.
Distance from Delhi: 231 km
Cost of Activity: Rs 20
Stay: Rs 400 - 800
Transport: Rs 500 - 800
2. Rishikesh

Tired of sitting by your desk all day? Tired of the smog? Got itchy feet? Rishikesh is that perfect weekend spot to get some adrenaline pumping in your blood. The adventure capital of India has got an assortment of activities like White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Nature Walks, and Photography
Distance from Delhi: 292 km
Cost of Activity: Rs 750-1,000 (Rafting)  
Stay: Rs 200-800  
Transport: Rs 900-1,300
3. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

One night's journey away and you'll find yourself right in the midst of a bird-watcher's paradise. Located in Rajasthan this is the perfect place to spend a calm, quiet and secluded weekend. Spend time with nature while you witness some exotic bird species.

Distance from Delhi: 197 km
Cost of Activity: Rs 50  
Stay: Rs 700-1,000  
Transport: Rs 1,000-1,400

4. Corbett National Park Jim

If birds aren't exciting enough for you then take it up a notch further. If you and a bunch of friends are looking for an exciting weekend getaway, plan a trip to Corbett National Park and go on a Wildlife Jeep Safari. Spot some beautiful tigers moving around and coming dangerously (and excitingly) close to you.

Distance from Delhi: Around 235km
Cost of Activity: Around Rs 600/pax
Stay: Rs 250-500/person  
Transport: Rs 800

5. Mussoorie

Hidden away in a picturesque corner is Mussoorie. Take the cable car ride while you're there and witness the beauty of the place from up above. Curate some of the most fantastic moments of your life as you snuggle in front of a camp fire with friends or a partner in Mussoorie.

Distance from Delhi: 270 km
Cost of Activity: Rs 100-300  
Stay: Rs 800-1,000  
Transport: Rs 1,400-1,800  

6. Almora

Got a tent and want to watch stars in the city? Pack those bags and head to Almora right away! Camp in the blissful region of Ranikhet and pitch your tent right under the stars. The place is also known as 'Queen's Meadow' and is popular for its magical beauty.

Distance from Delhi: 360km
Cost of Activity: Max Rs 700-1,000
Stay: Camps
Transport: Rs 500-800
7. Explore Robber's Cave in Dehradun

Got just two days, a small budget and looking to travel to an off-beat location? Take a trip to Dehradun and explore the Robber's Cave. Get introduced to some cool rivers and waterfalls tucked away inside the cave.

Distance from Delhi: 237 km
Cost of Activity: NA
Stay: Rs 700-1,200  
Transport: Rs 600-1,500

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