What Does It Take To Retain The Goanness Of Goa?

Oindrilla Gupta | August 23, 2017 15:39 IST

Medieval churches and temples, tranquil lanes, the sun, and the sand-India's smallest state by area is synonymous to all things breezy and beautiful. And when it comes to engineering the pretty houses of Goa, architects draw inspiration from many sources. In this season of Luxe Interiors, we give you five key elements for preserving everything that gives a Goan feel to your abode:

1. The LOCAL connect The architecture of Goa is an amalgamation of indo-portugese traditions, European ethos, and Mughal mantras. The colorfully vibrant houses give an instant feel-good vibe to every passerby. With lush green gardens and tropical landscapes, Goan houses invite nature home. The materials used for shaping the houses up are usually the ones that are locally available. Laterites, stones, and wood, are the key ingredients. The materials used for building not only respond to the climate well, but also to the places' informal lifestyle.


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2. Ventilated Views
When Goa gives you tall and beautiful trees, you either get rid of them to build more space, or you build around those trees. The latter however, is a lot more interesting, and sustainable. For all the hotness that Goa has, there is always a Balcau- a local discovery and a prime feature of a quintessential Goan house. A space that not only connects the house to the street, but is also inside the house in a way, a Balcau is open on three sides. Another best way to make use of huge garden spaces to ensure ventilation is to build a courtyard out of it. With a history of fierce monsoons, and extreme humidity, ensuring proper ventilation facilities becomes highly pertinent in Goa.


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3. The Wonders of Windows
Huge ornamental windows opened onto verandahs or Balcaus are among the many show-stealers of a Goan abode. Their origin can be traced back to the portugese houses, where windows of this kind were built for sailors to identify their homes from a distance as they sailed in. This also makes way for cross ventilation.


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4. Color Play
 The burst of colors brings every Goan house to life. And choosing a color scheme is very important when it comes to conserving the Goan flavor. Be it a pale terracotta, in keeping with the earthiness of the place, or a dramatic red and blue, every Goan house has a different story to tell. Vegetable and natural dyes play an important role in Goan architecture. During Portuguese rule, the owner of the house used to be fined if his house was not painted. This was another reason for the Goans to use colors wisely. Very few buildings and houses have the same color on them. Exteriors portray solid colors, while the interiors are embellished with paler shades, or whites with solid highlights. The walls are usually garnished with simple Goan crafty pieces, as a result of Goans being extensive travelers during the portugese rule. When they returned to their home, they brought with them-ideas and influences from other countries, and executed those ideas to build up a space that is a depiction of different cultures across the world.


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5. A TinTILEating Story
If you happen to stroll through the streets of Goa, you will spot artistic nameplates made out of peculiar looking tiles. Usually in blue and green colors, they are called Azulejos. Used as a signature artwork for entry in a house, an office, or a store, they add a dash of sophistication to the entrance of your space. What's more is that you can use them in furniture, for flooring, or on walls. Red oxide is a commonly used flooring option, against a neutral wall.


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