Why Maldives Is Not Just About Scuba Diving

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | July 10, 2017 16:34 IST

Scuba Diving isn't the only "unique activity" on an exotic island like Maldives!

Are you planning a vacation to the Republic of Maldives? And you probably have your itinerary set! Is it over-flooded with water-sports and scuba diving? Hm. Exciting, but not the only things to go to Maldives for. Here's a list of 5 other activities to do in the Maldives, apart from scuba diving:

1. Shark Diving
Want to take diving to the next level? Go deeper and dare to swim with the sharks. Maldives is becoming quite the shark sanctuary since shark fishing was banned back in 2010. Even if you're not the type to swim into the sunset with the predators, you always have the option of swimming with baby grey sharks in the shark nurseries, along the shorelines. Well, beats the typical coral hunting! Is it even Snap-worthy anymore? Dancing with the sharks, that's more like it!



2. Dolphin Spotting
There's a cool breeze. And as you sip on your Pina Colada, in the distance, a beautiful shape wisps into air and splashes back into the water, creating a pretty swirl as it does. You've just witnessed a dolphin. The dolphins in the Maldives are said to be some of the most active and playful! Get ready for some flipping and twirling, the elements of a great show!


3. Island Hopping
Are you craving for some company? Well, ditch the water-sports and spa dates and go on an island hop. The Maldives is home to many local communities. Visit one of the private islands and hang out with the locals. They're the nicest people and it'll make for a great candid photography session. Walk through their sandy streets and try out some local food.


4. Fly
It's one thing flying into beautiful island but it's a whole other experience flying around one, in a small commuter plane. Hold your breaths for some breathtaking sights and great photographs. Besides, if you're not much of a "water" person, this is the gig for you! Your dream flight; take it, and watch as the waters transforms into different shades of blue. A magical phenomenon!


5. Relax
If you're having a hard time picking an activity, just do what any acolyte of the ocean would do- relax. Find that isolated, perfect, special spot on the beach, or find a hammock spot, lie down on the chair and watch the sunset. Just close your eyes and take all of it in!


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