World's 9 Most Bizarre Dishes You Need to Try

Devika Agarwal | May 02, 2016 12:24 IST

While traveling to a new country, one of the most legitimate questions that cross our mind is what lip smacking flavors we'd get to lay our hands on being the foodie hidden inside of us. So, it's time to get out of your conventional eating habits while you're on the go, and take a taste of some of the world's most delicious offerings!

Here we have 9 delicacies from across the world that will make you want to go there for your next vacation!

1. Uganda - Matoke

This semi-dry preparation made out of the Ugandan fruit, Katogo is also commonly referred to as cooking-bananas. The fruit can be stem-cooked to prepare a delicious breakfast serving, or, simply with meat to enjoy the tangy texture of this locally prepared delicacy. It can be served with fresh cooked beans or fruit juice to enhance the already flavorful taste.
2. Sudan - Basbosa

A coconutty -flavored traditional Middle Eastern dessert, Basbosa makes one of the most favorite sweet-eats of all times. A spongy preparation, it is easily enjoyed with a tinge of rose water and surely tops our list of must-trys!

3. Romania - Papanasi

Papanasi is an absolute delight! Literally meaning 'food for children,' this preparation is a combination of two of our childhood favourites - cheese and jam. An easily available sweet that can fix almost anything- from a bad day at work to a fight with your best friend!

4. Peru - Pollo A La Brasa

Talk about food elitism!  Created by a Swiss resident of Peru, Pollo a la Brasa was initially only served to the elite. It is a widely available dish today with juicy chunks of chicken marinated in salt, french fries and some fresh and homemade coleslaw salad. Listed among the top 3 of the United State's hottest foods in 2013, the Peruvian cuisine is highly recommended by us for all food-loves out there!

5. Macau - Pastel De Nata

Created even before the 18th century out of the need of using large quantities of egg yolks in monasteries, it became common for convents to use the leftover egg yolks to bake cakes and pastries. This became a widely practiced activity and a popular sweet bite for people across Macau. The cinnamon surely adds to the flavor with some nice and sugary icing and is definitely a must-have!

6. Maldives - Mas Huni (tuna and coconut mix)

Typically eaten for breakfast, Mas Huni is a coconut or pumpkin based semi-dry dish with spicy marinated Tuna. Traditionally, locally available green leaves were added to the dish to enhance its flavor and garnish, and was served with sweetened hot tea or simply a flatbread of your choice. This dish, according to us, is definitely worth getting your hands on!

7. Finland - Karelian Pasty

Relished in the country and others such as Estonia, the name of this dish was originally derived from the Karelian dialect of Finland. Initially served with a simple potato stuffing, it now comes with a layer of melted hot egg butter and is typically served with steamed rice nowadays. This is a simple, yet a beautiful looking dish, a mix and match of rich and solid flavours!

8. Fiji - Kokoda

This can cut out the craving for anything and can make anyone hungry - be it a hot bowl of masala Maggie or your favorite home cooked family meal! A classic preparation of a mahi mahi, the fish is cooked for several hours with lemon; diced tomatoes in a thick coconut based curry, and will surely give you a fine kick for a good meal. When in Fiji, enjoy this every so delicious serving and we assure you that you won't be disappointed!

9. Bhutan - Ema Datshi

Made from a spicy cheesy sauce, this dish qualifies for the perfect meal with a combination of red rice. It is fulfilling, if you're looking to have a heavy meal to keep you going through the day. If not, just the mix of these heavenly flavours will have along-lasting effect on your taste buds, so we suggest you don't miss out on a dish that will keep making you go back to it every time you think of vising Bhutan!

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