World's first Invisible Skyscraper Infinity Tower by GDS Architects will be the new 'Soul' of Korea

Karanvir Singh | September 19, 2013 18:57 IST

Using a sophisticated LED facade system, South Korea's Tower Infinity by GDS Architects will appear invisible to the eye. Image: GDS Architects

If not further, the desire of the human being to go invisible dates back to the ancient Greek. And this very desire that recently led scientists at the University of Texas in Austin to develop a thin material called a 'mantle cloak', like Harry Potter's cloak, has now led the American architectural firm GDS Architects to create the world's first invisible skyscraper 'Infinity Tower' through the use of a sophisticated LED facade system with optional cameras.

This concept image shows how the LEDs will work to make the tower seem invisible. Image: GDS Architects

Instead of symbolizing prominence as another of the world's tallest tower and incredible ultra-modern construction, the visionary GDS Architects impressively aims to provide the world's first invisible tower in South Korea, representing the Power of Absence and the Strength of "Nothingness" often referred to by revered American architect Louis Kahn, who designed the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (1962).

Infinity Tower will represent the new 'Soul' of Korea. Image: GDS Architects

The glass-encased 1,476-foot Infinity Tower designed by Architect Charles Wee, for which the South Korean government has granted approval for construction near Incheon International Airport just outside of Seoul, will certainly represent the new "Soul" of Korea.

A view of the world's third highest observation deck. Image: GDS Architects

In addition to being able to appear invisible, the Infinity Tower will also boast the third largest observation deck in the world, along with shops, restaurants, movie theaters, water-park, and numerous other entertainment and leisure options to please South Korean tourists.

A view of the lobby area in the Infinity tower. Image: GDS Architects

When completed, it's expected to come in sixth on the list of the world's highest towers, behind Tokyo SkyTree, Guangzhou's CantonTower, Toronto's CN Tower, Moscow's Ostankino Tower and Shanghai's Oriental Pearl.

Image: GDS Architects

Structural Concept:-
Rather than attempt to hide the structure behind an elaborate facade system, the design team utilized BIM Parametric modeling to derive the optimal balance of providing necessary program area at key points, the building's overall massing aesthetic while providing structural regularity and construction ease. The result is a continuing series of diminishing diamond shapes from very large to very small.

Cheongna City Infinity Tower Camera Plan. Image: GDS Architects

Facade Concept:-
The Primary Concept of the Tower to render itself "Invisible" is the result of a sophisticated skin system utilizing LED Bars and a series of 18 weatherproof cameras that are strategically integrated within the diagrid mullion system, and will send real-time images onto the building's reflective surface. The cameras will capture the area around the building to display through the projectors, resulting the tower seem transparent when the projectors are turned on.
Interestingly, this same technology also allows the tower to become 450 meter tall Billboard screen to broadcast special events or advertisements and urban focal point for all arriving at Incheon.

Image: GDS Architects

On the company's website, it explains that the tower will establish Korea's rising position in the world not by building the tallest tower, but "establishing its most powerful presence through diminishing its presence."

Image: GDS Architects

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