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Beauty. Style. Grace. Wit. Panache. Put those together and they add up to the gorgeous sum equation that is Neha Dhupia. An Actress and model, Neha is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! And with all these skills, she’s returned as the judge and anchor for Kingfisher Supermodels 3! Catch her train, tutor and mentor 10 young lasses as they battle it out to be the new face of the calendar. Neha is on a hunt… Will she find the next treasure?
20 Episodes, 10 Tasks, 10 Pool Parties with 1 Task Master – NEHA DHUPIA. A bi-weekly series running over 10 WEEKS where 10 MODELS join the Kingfisher Supermodels Runway on a style journey of a lifetime. Only 1 of them emerges as the Kingfisher Supermodel, reserving a spot for herself as one of the Kingfisher Calendar Girls. Episodes will be based on super stylish tasks that will turn these gorgeous Divas from Models to Supermodels! What’s New? This year we have: Fabulous Pool Parties, Model Confessions, Grooming sessions with experts in the “Prep Zone”, Celeb judges , Critiquing Sessions & Deliberations on the KF Supermodels Runway and Also we bring back the power to eliminate which means 1 girl will be sent home every week. So fasten your seat belts as we swim though the waves with Neha Dhupia to unveil the ultimate supermodel.
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