Kingfisher Supermodels 3
Episode 20 | Watch full episode After 10 hot weeks, it's time for the grand finale on Kingfisher Supermodels 3! Our top five are nervous, and rightfully so, after facing the spider's twist. But whose performance was good enough to win the title? Tune in to find out as our judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, make the tough decision. Read more »
Episode 19 | Watch full episode After 10 electrifying weeks, it's time for the final task on Kingfisher Supermodels 3. Our beauties need to be at their absolute best, even while they're stuck in a cobweb, to win this prestigious title. Tune in to find out which supermodel makes it. Read more »
Episode 18 | Watch full episode From posing underwater, to balancing themselves in the air, to dancing in the rain, each supermodel has pushed herself to stand out among the contestants. However, with the show soon coming to an end, our resident judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan, and guest judges Colston Julian and Atul Kasbekar, have some tough decisions to make. Tune in to find out which supermodel gets eliminated. Read more »
Episode 17 | Watch full episode It's the semi-finale week on Kingfisher Supermodels 3, and our beauties are all set for their next task. They're going to compete with each other for better shots and poses in lingerie on the bed. The winning model will also be featured in GQ India. This episode also gives all the eliminated girls a chance to make a comeback in the competition. Tune in for all the steamy action. Read more »
Episode 16 | Watch full episode Our girls love to take a dip in the pool, but will they love it as much when their lives in this competition depend on it? Come join in as our top four models get a crash course in posing underwater. Tune in to find out which models impress our judges and stay afloat. Read more »
Episode 15 | Watch full episode From great heights to great depths, this week our angels take the plunge into the mystical underwater world of Kingfisher Supermodels.

They will leave you breathless while looking ethereal, hypnotic and powerful in the signature Kingfisher Supermodels task shot by the very best, Colston Julian. Tune in to find out which models float, and which ones sink to the bottom. Read more »
Episode 14 | Watch full episode The supermodels take the aerial task a notch higher by balancing themselves on a moving wheel. While they're flying high, judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and the swimwear designer duo, Shivan and Narresh, bring them back to the ground. Tune in to know which model deserves to soar higher. Read more »
Episode 13 | Watch full episode The bar has been raised! For their next task, the supermodels have to showcase their skills of balance, poise and grace up in the air. Tune in to find out which model flies high while noted photographer Anushaka Menon captures them while they're at it. Read more »
Episode 12 | Watch full episode Our judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and Dino Morea scrutinise the performances of the supermodels in the rain task. Were they bold, elegant and sexy enough? Tune in to find out. Read more »
Episode 11 | Watch full episode Temperatures soar as the supermodels don bikinis for their rain task. So far, they've proved how feisty they can be. Now, they're going to show their playful and sexy side. Tune in for all the pitter-patter action. Read more »
Episode 10 | Watch full episode It's that time of the week when our supermodels show off their runway swag before the judges who decide if they were up to the mark. Our resident judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and noted designer Rina Dhaka critique the performances of our models for this week's band-baajaa task. Read more »
Episode 9 | Watch full episode Kingfisher Supermodels 3 has crossed its halfway mark and the remaining models have a lot to celebrate. Keeping this in mind, we designed their next task to involve Delhi's band baaja-walas. Tune in to see if they manage to successfully capture their high spirits for the task and Saurabh Dua's lens. Read more »
Episode 8 | Watch full episode The models arch their way into giving great shots in the Abstract Art Task. But will they impress our brigade of judges? Mentor Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and Ashish Chawla decide their fate. Read more »
Episode 7 | Watch full episode The models display beauty through abstract art and coulourfully showcase their individuality. Tune in to see if they master it or mess it. Read more »
Episode 6 | Watch full episode Our judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and Monic Shah will grill the girls on their Warrior Princess task. But before that, the supermodels will unwind in the pool. Tune in to find out which supermodel goes back home. Read more »
Episode 5 | Watch full episode A Warrior Princess is graceful and has no inhibitions. Her role is exactly what the supermodels have to achieve in this episode of Kingfisher Supermodels 3. The girls will be guided by Sunaina Rekhi, a renowned yoga instructor, in this task. Tune in to catch all the action. Read more »
Episode 4 | Watch full episode A pool party and candid confessions... Kingfisher Supermodels let off some steam before their big test on the runway. They will be critiqued, on the stage, in their combativeness by judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and Joey Matthews. Tune in to find out which two supermodels melt the judges'hearts, and which two get eliminated. Read more »
Episode 3 | Watch full episode It is time for our supermodels to showcase their combativeness. From quad bikes, to tyre fights, the girls are being prepped in everything related to mortal combat by MMA fighter Jason Ramesh Solomon. To win this task, they will have to slay each other. Read more »
Episode 2 | Watch full episode After a tough first shoot, we make our models work hard and play harder as they get to unwind at the whacky pool party, and we get to witness their crazy candid confessions. Raising the temperature is the ramp-walk of our deadly ten on the runway, followed by some serious critiquing by our judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and Aparna Bahl. Who wins over the judges and who gets eliminated, tune in to find out! Read more »
Episode 1 | Watch full episode Lights, cameras and some swimsuits! Yes, Kingfisher Supermodels is back. Once again we present 10 sizzling models chosen from all over India, who are ready to win some hearts on their journey to super-stardom. In their very first stint, taskmaster Neha Dhupia gets them to perform the signature supermodel task to test their skills right at the onset, and the models get to pose for famous fashion photographer Sonhal Nichani. Tune in to catch all the action! Read more »
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