All About My Car, Honey  
  All About My Car, Honey    
Drive-in for the most expensive view of the automobile industry with this show. It looks at the world as one big station wagon traversing through vintage yesterdays to state-of-the-art tomorrows. We meet up with those magnificent men and their haute wheels. Each has a story to tell. We explore man's passion for cars and bikes and let the people who own the trendiest four-wheels do the talking.

Dhruv Jagasia
Dhruv Jagasia is an established theatre actor and one of the most well known faces in the Delhi theatre circuit. He is an avid car enthusiast who loves everything that has to do with automobiles, he brings to the screen the same passion that he has for cars with fervour and energy. As he puts it he likes most things that are old ... old cars topping his list of the same.
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