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Bachelor`s Kitchen   Bachelor's Kitchen

In this show, chef Aditya Bal promises to transform a bachelor's kitchen into a creative workstation with explosive new ways to make everyday food a joy to cook and share with friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers or even enemies!
Band Baajaa Bride   Band Baajaa Bride

Get the drums rolling and the dhols playing, it’s that time of the year when you wished you could get married!! Not just anywhere but on Band Baajaa Bride!! It’s time for Band Baajaa Bride Season 6!! And we are leaving no stone unturned.
Bollyfood   Bollyfood

Bollyfood is a show that's the ultimate gastronomical guide to your stars. Whether its their eating habits or lifestyle, their gym routine or their favourite restaurants, its all revealed on Bollyfood. This show, divided into different segments such as foodiography, star thali, kya khaya kya pachaya, healthy wealthy and wise, body mantra, khau galli, star recipe and public stall - will tell you everything yop wanted to know about your favourite star.
Bollywood Confidential   Bollywood Confidential

We’re the most thought-provoking, intellectual and in-depth show on Bollywood and your most trusted source for all the latest gossip from Bollywood!
Breaking Bread With   Breaking Bread With

Think celebs, think cooking and think restaurants. You are invited with Aditya Bal to the kitchens of restaurants owned by celebrities for a very exclusive chat and recipe making in Breaking Bread With… It's fun, its delicious and its healthy. Watch Aditya Bal with a new face and a new restaurant every week.
Bucket List   Bucket List

Imagine the world is approaching its end and you have one last chance to do what you want. Would you take that chance or let it go?

This show is about taking that chance and fulfilling everything on your bucket list! Checking off destinations around the globe, Bucket List is all about things you must see, must do and must experience at least once in your lifetime.
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