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Chakh Le Academy   Chakh Le Academy

After exploring the length and breadth of the country, Aditya Bal is back in action and all set to stir up some mouth watering Indian delicacies along with a bunch of food enthusiasts, in his very own Chak Le Academy!!! Aditya Bal enthralls his students through the flavors and aromas of rustic Indian recipes.
Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta   Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta

The quirky Aditya Bal is back on the road, and in this case, on the ‘kachcha raasta’. Yes! this time on CHAKH LE - INDIA Aditya hits the road less travelled into the unexplored, and forgotten pockets of India in his hunt for authentic flavours.
Check Out China   Check Out China

Martial arts, lip smacking food, friendly locals, great shopping... Check Out China with us!
Confessions of a travel bag   Confessions of a travel bag

A travel series that looks at how serious problems need more than just retail therapy. They need a perfect holiday wrapped amidst the most wanted shopping destinations across the 'World's Most Famous' streets. Let the therapy begin. When we are exposed to streets full of shops, eateries, bars & malls... We lose all reasoning and logic is overcome by the desire to simply indulge and live the moment.
Cooking Isn`t Rocket Science   Cooking Isn't Rocket Science

British food has never been considered gourmet – in fact, popular perception is that it's quite the opposite. But the show's host, Manju Malhi, one of Britain’s most popular chefs, reveals that there's more to British food than the standard fish and chips.
Cool Q   Cool Q

Welcome to a brand new season of Cool Quotient - a show that is young, hip and trendy. This season promises to give you a fresh new perspective into college and young adult life, from chill out zones in your city to fresh fashion, from fun activities to engage in to flaunting cool gadgets. If you are worried about that hole in your pocket then we have remedies to that too as we teach you how to rehash the old and boring to create the new and stylish! For more stay glued to NDTV Good Times!
Custom Made for Vir Sanghvi   Custom Made for Vir Sanghvi

From made-to-order paintings to exclusive meals to a tune composed especially for him, he gets the royal 'red carpet' treatment wherever he goes. This series is the epitome of India's cultural extravaganza!
Cut   Cut

Bollywood is in our blood. We love the stars, the bling, the heart-breaks and the link-ups. Here's a show where we 'Cut' through the nonsense, 'Cut' through the sensationalism and 'Cut' down to size, where required, to bring you our take, on everything that's making waves in the world of entertainment.
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