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Daddy’s Day In   Daddy’s Day In

Enough has been said about the maternal instinct and the nurturing nature of women. But what about the paternal instinct? 'Daddy’s Day In' is a show that attempts to answer this question. A young father is left to his own devices at home with his kids. He will have to cook, clean and care for them for a day under the watchful eye of the camera.
Do It Sweet   Do It Sweet

They are sinful. Scrumptious. Divine. This is not your regular food show, but one that's sweet and easy, flavourful and fun! We bring you a show that's designed to please your sweet tooth!
Dubai Diaries   Dubai Diaries

A travelogue of the most luxurious city in the world – Dubai! A TV series that brings to life all that Dubai has to offer to the Indian traveler from food and fashion, shopping and entertainment, hotels and beaches to family fun. The most unique offering of the series remains that each episode will be hosted by a different anchor! The thematic distribution of episodes covers an ocean of variety that Dubai has to offer. Irrespective of whether you’re a couple, family, foodie, shopaholic, business traveler, Dubai Diaries will manage to gratify all your senses. Through this 10 part series, we will let you in on all that made Dubai the most travelled destination.
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