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Fat Man & 13 Brides   Fat Man & 13 Brides

Bikramjit tries his best to impress the girls and their families, while at the same time wheedling out the most delicious recipes they have to offer. At the end of the show, no one is fed up and everyone is somewhat fulfilled.
Festivals, Celebrating India   Festivals, Celebrating India

NDTV Good Times brings to you a 13 part series celebrating the spirit of India, through its festivals.
FoodMad   FoodMad

The Baadshahs of fanatic foodies, Rocky and Mayur are back! Who better to tell you how you can satisfy your food itch. So whether it is midnight hunger pangs or on-the-go food that you desire, Rocky and Mayur will take you to the ultimate destination and get you, your food fix. So join us and go completely ‘FoodMAD with Rocky & Mayur’.

Free Fall   Free Fall

This high octane travel show is not for the faint-hearted. If you like to push the boundaries, confront your fears and seek spine-tingling thrills, then this is the show for you. Take off to exotic locales across the world with our travel anchor Neha for a hair raising holiday.
French Connection   French Connection

What's a Frenchman doing in New Delhi? Whipping up a storm.
Only that this time, it could be in your kitchen! Chef Alain Andre brings an
old world charm, European sophistication and a heart crazy for India - all this
to demystify French cuisine.
Fully Fed Up   Fully Fed Up

This is your definitive guide to the best restaurants as well as the little-known jewels by the roadside. Each week a new city, a new cuisine and a fresh new perspective - this is your weekly dining guide that tells you not only where to eat but what to order! Share our experiences as we rate the food, buck the trend and bust the myths!
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