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Gadget Guru   Gadget Guru

One of the longest running and very popular gadget shows on Indian Television – Gadget Guru, is a weekly half-an-hour show that has all the gadgets and all the gyan. It has been on air for the last 3 years and takes a look at the coolest, hippest, funkiest gadgets out there, and gives a detailed insight into the world of gizmos.
Game Nite Bites   Game Nite Bites

As the Cricket season kicks off, NDTV Goodtimes brings you Game Nite Bites. An exciting five part series with anchor Aditya Bal's brush with cricket and the food that best goes with it. From cricket crazy families, to kids, guys and gals. Join him as he serves a sixer, takes a wicket and goes all out at some of the coolest sports bars in the city and at home. Learn how to make quick snacks and finger foods to keep you entertained throughout the game. This is food and cricket, like you never imagined. Get ready for some scrumptious Game Nite Bites.
Game on Singapore   Game on Singapore

A reality game show that will get your heartbeat racing! Discover the perfect blend of nature, culture and adventure in Singapore as four teams compete with each other with Rocky and Mayur guiding them.
Get Fit with Rocky and Mayur   Get Fit with Rocky and Mayur

By dropping 10 -15 kilos, Rocky and Mayur will be giving getting fit a new definition. The idea behind getting healthy doesn’t necessarily involve quitting your favorite meals but substituting them with healthier ones. The guys known for binging on the most fattening foods are now changing their lifestyles only to show you that getting healthy can be a lot fun too. Follow their epic journey on our new show Get Fit.
Good Times India - My First Vote   Good Times India - My First Vote

As India gears up for the General Elections, we take you through a journey with Ayesha Sharma. A first time voter - to the country's six major political hot beds. Her objective - to know before she votes.

Join us on a roller coaster ride as she interacts with young professionals with strong political convictions. And does she make up her mind?

Find out over two weekends on NDTV Good Times.
Gourmet Central   Gourmet Central

Gourmet Central is a delectable series from the highly successful and personable chef, Vicky Ratnani. Be prepared to get totally hooked to Vicky’s fancy foods that are turned into irresistibly simple recipes.
Great Drives   Great Drives

If you seek adventure, get into the real SUV and kick start your journey of a lifetime!
Guilt Free   Guilt Free

In a 13 part series, Seema Chandra takes some of the best loved dishes from around the world and transforms them to make them healthy. Her food is not about depriving yourself. But indulging in a little bit of everything.
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