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I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes   I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes

Brace yourselves…we’re bringing sexy back and how! I’m Too Sexy with Ambika Anand is back with an all new season and this time we give you the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not.
In High Spirits   In High Spirits

Taking alcohol beyond stereotypes and clichés, India's First Lady on everything spirited - Shatbhi Basu engages viewers on everything about drinks. Be it cocktails, mocktails, wine and whiskey, drinking etiquette, bar reviews, unearthing fresh bartending talent and mixing a few original drinks along the way.
India Explored: Manipur   India Explored: Manipur

The locals lovingly call it ‘Sana Laibak’ meaning the land of gold and this place is just that; a brave history, a rich culture, stunning landscapes and beautiful people. The land of Radha and Krishna has a heritage any country would proudly boast of. It’s no wonder Pandit Nehru called it the Jewel of India and Lord Irwin called it the Switzerland of India. To the least explored, most mysterious and arguably the most beautiful region of northeast India - Manipur. Join us as we explore this piece of paradise on India Explored.
India`s Most Haunted   India's Most Haunted

We intend to go to haunted places where everyone fears to tread. We intend to put ourselves in situations where no one wants to be. We intend to try and communicate with those from the other side and we intend to take you along for the journey.
It`s A Guy Thing   It's A Guy Thing

It's a guy thing to flex a few muscles. It's a guy a thing to race against time, it's a guy thing to simply chill. This show is an answer to the perennial question “What men want’. It shows things that Guys love to do...From racing wheels that step up the speedometer to super bikes that burn the tar beneath. Dream gadgets that make a guy feel like the man. Whether its luxurious or adrenaline pumping stuff, It all makes for the DNA of every man.
Italian Khana   Italian Khana

Ritu Dalmia is back in Italy and this time she dedicates her visit to aphrodisiacs . She uncovers the secrets behind 'food for love' and the liquid cheer of Italian wine. Join her in her journey to discover the magic of Italian Eggplant and the pizzas from Naples. She goes truffle hunting and brings you the secret behind stringy mozzarella, this new series of Italian Khana is a must see.
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