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Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016   Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016

This year on the 14th edition of the much awaited Kingfisher Calendar, we are all invigorated to roll in the good times! From last year’s shoot in Turkey we bring you all the action from the stunningly sunny Seychelles. With exotic backdrops of islands, private beaches in La Digue and the luxurious hospitality in Mahe, our sensational five new faces will make the Kingfisher Calendar look fresh and raw like never before. So hold your breath as we launch the Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016, on February 6th at 10 PM, only on NDTV Good Times.
Me And Mandy   Me And Mandy

They are 'Miss Matched' but still travel the world together in search for the perfect holiday destinations. 'Me & Mandy' is the story of a travel host and her camera person who take the viewers through many international and national holiday destinations from their opposing point of views. Watch them squabble and argue; Watch them come together to enjoy the moment and lose all inhibitions.
Men Can`t Dance   Men Can't Dance

It's witty.It's whacky. Irreverant, totally out of the box and no holds bar. The show is set to bust every myth about men. It delves into the mind of the male and unravels the pulls and pressures that a man faces today.

Watch Rajiv Makhni in a whole new avataar, as every week he and a celebrity talk man to man about women, relationships, cars, fashion and more!
Men’s HQ   Men’s HQ

It’s a guys world, and politically incorrect as that might be, for us guys – it’s definitely the truth! With an overload of work, stress, relationship & financial pressures and "expectation overload" from all quarters, its easy to lose track of the small things that can make a difference and prevent future health and lifestyle problems. Welcome to Men’s HQ – personal trainer, stress handler & physician for the 21st century urban Indian man!
My Yellow Table - Season 2   My Yellow Table - Season 2

The show got its name My Yellow Table from Gourmet Guru Kunal Kapur’s own memories of food being served on a wooden, yellow-coloured table in his house. Every Sunday, the men in his family squeezed themselves into the kitchen and fixed an appetising four-course meal that gave the women in the family a much needed day-off. The table carried the whiff of happiness as the family came together to dine.
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