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Routes   Routes

With life moving more and more into the fast lane, indications are that the world is turning towards nature for respite like never before. Being conscious of the side effects that modern medication may have on our bodies, the general trend seems to have adopted a holistic approach to health. Routes throws light on healing therapies other than the conventional remedies of modern medicine. So from reiki to reflexology and acupuncture to aromatherapy, we explore alternative ways to wellness.
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels   Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Luxury on wheels has just been reinvented. Join travel anchors Arun and Amrita on a train journey where they rediscover India's most iconic destinations in between four course meals in decadent suites aboard one of India's most luxurious trains.
Royal Reservation - Project Living   Royal Reservation - Project Living

The show is back with a trunkful of royal inspiration to transform the way you live. Inspired by royalty, we create contemporary spaces inspired by the kings and queens of style.
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